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Saturday, 24 January 2009


Spring season is now fast approaching. I’m so exciting now for this season and I’m looking forward to see our backyard without snow :-). And besides from that, I’m so excited to travel in different places as what we always do. We already have plans to where we go this spring. We want to enjoy ourselves together this spring because I will be spending my summer in Philippines with my family. Hubby will stay here because he has something to do this summer and I will travel alone. It’s so sad to travel alone but what can I do? Hubby and I have a conflict in our schedule this summer. I don’t want to cancel my trip to Philippines because I miss my family so much. I want to spend time with them this summer.

For the meantime, I have to check the best price for a spring break vacations trip for hubby’s niece. We want to give her a gift for her birthday and we decided to pay her trip for her spring break vacation.