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Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Me and hubby use to go to the casino. But this year, we don’t have time to go around and visit any casino because we are both enjoyed the camping last summer and at this time, he just started his work and I just started my French class. Last night, we were surfing in the internet and we found this very interesting site of the Top USA Online Casino. It is a FREE guide to assist US Players find safe and fun online gambling destinations. Casinos ranked by pro poker and blackjack players, according to bonus size, payout rate, customer support, # of games, deposit options, graphics and ease of use. When you open their site, you will see the top 10 casino in USA. All you have to do is chose which casino you want and you will choose the games you want to play. You can play instantly or you can install the game. It’s as easy as that. You don’t need to drive to play casino. Just open your computer and go to their website then voila, you can play casino.

So to those people who love to play casino but don’t have time to go there, why not try to visit You have all what you need in this site...

So, good luck to all of you and enjoy!!!!!!!!


Friday, 26 October 2007


Which Do You Prefer?

I got this tag from Sis Nita. Thanks sis for tagging me. Thanks sis for the tag..hehehe ..Sis nitz used to tag me but i didn't do some of it. Sorry sis ha, grabe ka bc man gud hehehe
Anyway, here's my answers:

1. Smart or Globe: Just now, I'm using smart for my roaming fon and Roger for my local fon.

2. ABS-CBN or GMA: Of course ABS-CBN

3. Penshoppe or Bench: Bench

4. Avon or Personal Collection: None

5. Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: I have Nokia and Motorola just now.

6. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty is my collection! My bedroom in pinas was full of hellokitty stuff. Too bad, I don't have it here coz, wala masyadong hellokitty here in quebec.

7. Sony or JVC TV: All our TV is Philippines and here.

8. Lee or Guess Jeans: None because I'm using Levis

9. Sketchers or Merell Shoes: Sketchers

10. Swatch or Rolex watch: I don't have watch just now hehehhehe but I love fashion and I'm using any brand as long as it's in in the mode.

I would like to pass this to 10 bloggers namely: Agring, Irel, Francine, Julai, Edin, Bless, Annie, Lovely Anna, Arlene and Lilly. Please do the same, pass this tag to 10 bloggers. Enjoy!



Me and Hubby love to travel and visit some famous places. This year because we still have the motorhome, we travel in Canada and in United States last year. We already spent enough time in our motorhome so we decided to put it on sale and do another thing than in camping. The plan for next year, either we sell the motorhome or not, we already plan to visit Europe. United Kingdom is in the first in our list. We’ve heard so many great things about United Kingdom. The traditional/historical Castle and Cathedral of Edinburgh is the one that we really love to visit.

This most famous Scottish Castle interests us most. It has a complex building history. The oldest part, St Margaret's Chapel, dates from the 12th century; the Great Hall was erected by James IV around 1510; the Half Moon Battery by the Regent Morton in the late 16th century; and the Scottish National War Memorial after the First World War.

The castle houses the Honours (Crown Jewels) of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny, the famous 15th century gun Mons Meg, the One O' Clock Gun and the National War Museum of Scotland.

About the hotel, you don’t need to worry. Edinburgh hotel is there. You can check it out at The rate is very affordable and with free extras. You can make your reservation online at It’s that easy!

And don’t miss the historic and futuristic museums, classic art galleries and famous theatres of Manchester. It has a lot to offer those seeking a taste of Great British culture.

As I said, you don't need to worry on where to stay. CheaperthanHotels are there to help you. Just check their friendly website and everything will be okey in your trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now and see the beauty of United Kingdom.


Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Today we had an international meal in the class. Each student brought a food from their country of origin. My God! We eat like a pig! There are lots of foods from different country. I really hate myself for eating a lot. I’m gaining 4 pounds now. But you cannot blame on me hehehhe the foods were really delicious. Too bad, I don’t have pictures of the foods but I will post it next time because my friend will give it to me.

Anyway, here is the photo of the entire class.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I’m so happy just now. Smorty just accepted me as a blogger. When I check my email, I had a message from them telling me that my blogsite has been approved. I been waiting this approval and now I’m already a smorty postie. I love doing blogs. And what is interesting as a smorty postie is that I’m not only doing blogs as what I love but I’m also earning extra money while doing it. Smorty will pay me as a blogger.

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I have a friend who is working in the hotel. The salary she have just enough for her to support her family in Philippines. Last week, she received a call from her family telling her that her mother is seriously sick. She has a problem of her kidney and need to have a dialysis once a week. I know how hard it is when it comes to financial. My dad had the same problem before he died. My friend was asking me if I know some company that she can make a loan. We surf at the internet and voila, we found this site called Cash Advance Payday Loan.
Without any doubts, she applies right away and she got the money quickly. It really helps a lot to her mother and she was very thankful that she found the Payday Loan.

To those of you who need money in emergency case, don’t hesitate to visit their site and once they will approve your application, they will send the money right to your checking account safely and securely and you will have the cash money that you need.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Payday Loan now and you will see how good their services are.


Monday, 15 October 2007


Weekend for me is always the best. Last Saturday, we didn’t go out as we usually do because we prepare the land for the winter. We did the last shot of cutting the grass and put the fall fertilizer. I cut all my flowers to be ready for the winter. Everything is done except the leaves. There are still some falling leaves and we need to clean them before the snow. But it’s not a big job to do. We only have one tree in front and the wind carried them away hehehe. So I think we are ready for the winter now.

Sunday, we took our breakfast at Montmagny, my favourite village here, one hour drive from home. And then we drove all the around Bellechasse. There are some places in the mountain part that is already snowing. Too bad that I can’t go there and take some picture. 98% of the places still have nice colors of the leaves. The weather was not that good. Some places have rain and some don’t have. Some places were sunny and some were cloudy. Inspite of the not so good weather, we still enjoyed the day and have took some nice pictures and of course, my day will not be completed if I will not take some pictures hehehe .

I will share some of my photo from yesterday at Bellechasse.

Click here to see the photo.


Thursday, 11 October 2007


Hi guys! I'm back....:-) it's been long that i was not able to post anything in my so sorry for that..i been so busy this past few weeks.

By the way, I recieved a fabulous award from sis Nitz... thanks you so much sis...

i want to pass this award all blogger friends...