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Friday, 23 January 2009


One of my friends is fan of wooden stuff. She’s collecting different stuff that made of wood. She collects wooden mask and she put it in her living room. There are still lots of missing furniture in the house and just now, she still looking of pure wood furniture. She wants furniture that will match in all of her collections. She’s been to the furniture store and she found what she wants. She told me that she will buy it next week. She almost has everything now and the only missing are wooden blinds that she will put in her windows. I been to her place this morning because she asked me to help her find blinds online. We searched in the net and we found the wooden blinds online. It’s a sunwood range of wooden venetian blinds. She was very happy of what we found because it matches perfectly on her collection and just to think that she loves wooden stuff very much. She showed it to her husband right away and her husband like it very much also. They are both happy and excited to buy the wooden blinds. They want it to be install before March because they were planning to celebrate the birthday party of her husband in their house and invite all their friends so that they will see their new house.