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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Valentine’s Day is now fast approaching. This is a special day for love and most people give chocolates to their love ones as a symbol of the sweetness of their love. Most of us love to receive chocolates and flowers. For me, I would really love to have chocolates not only on Valentine’s Day but always because chocolate is my favourite sweets. My family and friends know already my weakness and they always give me chocolates especially my hubby. It’s not only me who loves chocolate. Hubby loves it too as much as I love it. Same as him, I always give him chocolate too especially if I want something from him. It’s one of his weaknesses too. So for this coming Valentine’s Day, I will give him a Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels because dark chocolates are good for the health. He loves pretzels too so this is a good combination and I’m sure he will be very happy with this as a gift. And the good thing with this dark chocolate covered pretzel is it is very affordable and it’s not heavy in my pocket as I don’t have work. So this is it. I already have a gift for my hubby for this coming Valentine’s Day. And for you guys, give chocolates to your love ones because I know they will love it too.