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Monday, 26 January 2009


My friend who lives in Ohio called me yesterday. She told me that finally her house and lot in Kentucky is already sold. She had a problem in selling that house because the couple that rented the house don’t want her to sell it and if the agent and the buyer will come and see the house, the couple will not let them in. There were couple of buyers who wants to see the house but they were not able. I’m so happy for her that she finally sold the house. And now, she wants to sell her house somewhere in Ohio and built a new one that is smaller than what they have now. She wants to have a house close to the city so that her sons can have their school in the city. Just now, they are living in the little village that is far from everything. She already put her house in the market and started to plan for her new house to be built soon. She already started looking at Schumacher Homes and she told me that she wants her house to be built by them. She’s so thankful of the Schumacher Homes Press because she can follow their updates and the latest happenings. I’m just hoping that she can sell her house quickly before her son will go to school.