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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Hubby always wants to plan everything ahead of time. We already have a plan for this year though we know that there are still lots of things that will happen that we can’t control. If there is no major problem, I will be leaving to Philippines and spend 2 months there in summer. It’s already planned and I hope there will be no major problem that will stop me in going there. Hubby will stay home alone. Usually, he takes the whole summer off from work and spends the whole summer travelling. But because I will not be here in the summer, I guess he will work few weeks and then take the remaining weeks off and stay here at home because he wants to enjoy the patio. We never enjoyed our patio for the past few years because we also go away every summer. So this is the best time for him to enjoy it since I’m not here and he doesn’t want to travel alone.

I’m sure he will enjoy his summer because we don’t have work to do outside the house. We just finished last summer the big job that need to do outside. Just a little touch up in the patio and everything will be fine. He will work with my flowers too because I’m not here taking care of it. I really love my flowers and I want to make sure that they will be watered very other day. Hubby will be the one to take care my flower garden during my absence. It’s not a big job really. All he needs to do is water it very other day and take out some weeds if there some.
But of course, I will not let him do it without giving a reward. I will give him a working boots because the one he have is already too old. I want him to have a comfortable working boots. This can be very useful for him because he can use this boots in his job.