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Saturday, 7 July 2007


We have a great day today. At 8 o’clock in the morning, hubby started painting the front house. He finished the first coating of the final color. He finished at around 10 o’clock in the morning. Then we went to the grocery store and bought all the stuff that we will need for the hamburger. The Columbians arrived at 12 noon and we have our lunch in the patio. It’s been 3 months that we didn’t see each other. They moved to Granby last week. They are very nice. Then after they’re gone, we took a nap and then hubby did the final coat of paint. And then we took our dinner in the resto. Then we drove around as we usually do at night (we love driving around hehehehe).

Tomorrow, the forecast is nice, so we will do some painting at the back of the house and in the patio. And in the afternoon, we will go for the summer festival.



Thursday, 5 July 2007


Hi guys! I’m so happy today. We didn’t work outside. The forecast for today is rain so we didn’t paint the house today because we’re afraid of the rain. But it’s not really raining. We lose the day. But it’s okey. I enjoy the day. We went to the mall to shop hubby’s shirt. We bought his shirt and I shop some cloths for me too. He told me that he wants to go to Zone5 Photo. We went there and start looking for a Nikon camera. He said that he wants to know how much is the price for a spare battery for his camera. But when we arrived there, he looks for the small camera. And he asks me if I want it. Of course I said yes right away hehehehhehe. Then he started asking some question regarding the camera. And then he said to the seller that he will buy it. Oh boy! I’m so happy. It’s not really our plan to change my camera this week. But he already told me that he wants to change my camera. Now I’m already a member of the NIKON GANG hehehhehe. All his friends got a very nice Nikon Camera. A camera for professional. Yah it’s very nice but it’s too big. I don’t want to carry a big camera always. My new camera now is Nikon S200. It’s a slim camera and I really like it.


Monday, 2 July 2007


Hi guys! I just want to show you my flowers. I took this photo this afternoon. I really like my flowers. Me and hubby are so happy with our works..T00 bad i can't show you everything because the grass are still not growing. Don't worry, 2 weeks from now, i will take some pictures with the grass.. hehehehehe...


Sunday, 1 July 2007


We spend the whole day to the chalet. We drove 9 o’clock in the morning to the chalet. It’s 100 km from home. As usual, we took the old road to see the beauty of the nature. We stopped many places and took some photos. We arrived in the chalet 10:30 in the morning. The Dumas Family were really surprised. They didn’t expect that we will be there. It’s not really in our plan to go there but when we woke up this morning, we decided to go there. They were very happy. They said that there’s a mother duck in the lake with the babies. We went there and wait for the ducks but they didn’t come. We went back to the chalet and took our lunch. After lunch it rain hard. We were stuck in the chalet but still we’re enjoying with each other’s company. When the rain stop, we drove back home but we took another road. We saw lots of wild animals in the road. I really love it. I love to see the wilds animals.

We continue driving and my hubby saw a little house. We stop and took a picture. An old man came out from the house. We were afraid maybe the old man will get mad but he’s not. He’s very nice. He asks my husband if he can take a picture of him in his little house. And my husband was so happy to take a picture of him. And he said that he would like to have a picture of him in his old truck. My husband was so happy and admires the old man. And you know what he asks to my husband? He asks my husband if he can drop the picture back to him and he will pay for it. Hehehehhe my husband said that we will sure give him the picture but he will not accept the money. He’s happy to give it to the man. Two weeks from now, we will back to the man and give him his pictures.

Here are some photos that we took and the old man.

me inside the chalet

sitting pretty inside the chalet

a farm

this is the man that I'm talking in my blog

this is his little house

field strawberries that we pick up just in front of the chalet. They are very small

another pose of me inside the chalet