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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


You will see in my previous post last year that we already finished renovating our living room. The paint and the furniture are all done. The only missing is a little furniture that I will put in the corner where I put my Christmas tree. We finished the living room first week of December and I put the Christmas decoration right away. And after I put back my Christmas decoration to where we use to store them, there is an empty space in the living room. And we’re still shopping that little furniture. We’re not yet done in renovating the house. We still have the bedroom and the bathroom to do. We want to change all the furniture. There’s not much work to do in the bedroom. All we need to do is repaint and put a new television. The rest are still fine. In the bathroom, there will be a big work to do. We have to make it a little bigger and change all the furniture and the tub. We will start working the bathroom next week and we started looking for the furniture so that we can plan where to put that furniture and all the measurements. We have to plan it very carefully as we have a very limited space. I already found a nice bathroom vanity that for sure we will buy it. It’s a 73” Granite Top Double Vanity that made of a birch wood with porcelain sinks with 2 antique brass select grade faucets. I’m so excited to have this nice vanity. At Max, you will find more choices with a very affordable price in their discount bathroom vanities. Check that out. I’m sure you will fall in love with their bathroom vanities.