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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Since I started working in 2009, I have to make sure that I bought something for me every christmas as a remembrance of my salary. I'm not talking of a hundred dollar thing but it's something worth a thousand. Christmas 2009, I bought my very first Nikon DSLR Camera. I paid $1500 since that was the first out in the market. I paid it cash from my salary. That was the very first expensive thing that I bought for myself. In 2010, I didn't buy anything but I traveled from Quebec to Edmonton, Alberta with my own money. It cost me $700 for the ticket plus my pocket money. It cost me $1,500 plus my husband gave me few hundred dollars for extra money. I was so thankful for that. I didn't buy anything but I had a very memorable trip and met my friend. Infact, I was staying in their house and I visited my auntie in Calgary at the same time. In 2011, I bough this Macbook pro that I'm using just now. I only spent $1,000 and hubby paid the rest :-) because I bought a property in Philippines at the same time. I could pay the whole amount of my Macbook if I didn't buy a property but it was a good deal so I grabed it and until now, I'm still paying for it.

This year, I'm thinking of something that I can use all the time and I guess, I'm gonna buy a watch since I don't have a good one. I'm eyeing this Ice Time Ladies Elite diamond watches (photo above is the model I wanted). This watch cost $3,999 but they a have a very good deal. Today's price is $795. I'm so amazed how big the discount is. I guess I will have to buy this while the price is still low and this will be my christmas gift for me. So excited :-)


Monday, 24 September 2012


Everything went fine today at work. My new colleague works not bad. I can't compare him to his brother that works with me for almost a year. He's only 2 days at work and aside from that, he's only working there temporarily until my boss will find another one. It could be nice if he will stay longer but of course I can understand also why he wanted to work in another place and win 20$ per hour. That's the minimum salary he got in his previous job. Like his brother, he has broken hours too but he lives just across the street so there's no problem with him.

In my side, I'm so sad that I'm no longer a princess at work. I'm like a princess before with my previous colleague and with my boss. I'm working with two man and they both don't want me to do the hardest job. My boss wants me to tell him what to do to help me. Imagine? I have to tell my boss what to do? Hehehe I'm the boss of my boss! But now, everything change, I hope it's only for today or in few days while I'm training the new one. 

For now, I need to rest and be ready for another long day tomorrow.



Sunday, 23 September 2012


I really miss my hubby when i woke up this morning. Every Sunday, we woke up late depending on what time we go for the mass. Then we always had our breakfast in the restaurant. This morning, I woke up too late at around 11:00 I felt so lazy and wanted to just stay in the bed. I could do that but the sun is tempting me to go outside and enjoy his presence. I drove just around and try to take pictures of the trees that already change color but there's not much to take...I guess the colors are not nice this year because there's not enough water. It's so dry and the leaves didn't stay longer. They fall right away as soon as the color change. So I end up having my all time fave "Macchicato au Caramel" here at Starbucks.

Tomorrow will be a long day for me at work so I will just enjoy my day today, alone and just blogging, having coffe and movie marathon when I will arrive home after here.



Friday, 21 September 2012


I finished 3:00 pm at work. I was suppose to clean the house before coming here at Startbucks but I changed my mind. Friend is suppose to come tomorrow but we rescheduled the visit to next week. So I went to the mall for window shopping and thanks God I didn't spend any cents tonight :-) I tried few stuff but I didn't buy it because it's simply I don't like it or I don't need it. Thanks to the husband for always reminding me not to spend money to things that I don't need. 

I want to enjoy my weekend alone "ME TIME" because next week will be a long day for me at work. I did 40 hours per week before until another employee came. He work broken hours and he needs to have more hours to support himself. He's a good worker and a nice guy. Since he needs more money than me, I gave to him some of my hours, from 40 down to 33 hours. I work full time from Monday to Wednesday and until 3:00 pm only during thursday and friday. In that way, I can always go the mall with hubby. We really enjoyed it and I like it too. I have more time with my husband and enjoy the summer. 

Starting Monday next week, I will be working fulltime, maybe overtime. It's good for money but I will have less time at home. Maybe it will be good for me too since I'm alone, I will not feel lonesome. I will see.

Just now, I will just enjoy myself. I don't have lots to clean at home. I will do it tomorrow morning and then i will watch movies in the weekend :-)



Thursday, 20 September 2012


The guy that work with me already give his resignation letter effective this coming monday. I'm a bit sad because we had a very good team. He's nice and very responsible. He works very hard. But with the minimum salary that he got, I can understand that he will find a better one with a good salary. He found a new job at $15 per hour, 40 hours a week. I feel sad that I lost my partner at work but I'm happy for him.

I will be working overtime until my boss will find another worker to replace him. I hope he will find one as soon as possible.



Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hubby's birthday is fast approaching. Everytime I ask him what he wanted for a gift, he always answer "nothing". For him, my present is already a very nice gift. But still I always give him something. I already started to shop for his gift but since he's not here and we don't know if he will be here on his birthday, I stop shopping. I already found some but I don't want to send it to him by mail. I would love to go in Alberta to be with him on his special day but I know it's impossible. One of my co-worker gave his resignation letter today and it means that I will have to work over time until my boss will find somebody to replace him. 

(photo grab from

When I was talking to him this morning, he told me that the weather there is very cold and maybe they will have snow in the weekend. He don't have winter boots there and he's thinking of buying one. Oh oh, he's giving me an idea for his gift :-) I told him to just wait maybe the weather will go up since we're still in mid-september.

I've search in the net for winter boots that I can order and deliver directly to where he is. I found the one that I like (the photo above) and i know that hubby will love it. A nice boots from Clarks shoes. It's a leather boots and it's warm enough for the winter, from his condo to the office. I guess it's perfect. I like the style, it's elegant. I will order this soon so that he will have this on or before his birthday. I'm so excited now.



Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Hubby left yesterday at 3:00 am. I was crying the night before while we spent time together in the sofa. We been so busy in the previous days doings things that needs to be done. Then last sunday, he prepared his things that he needs to bring to Alberta, personal things, books and papers for work. 

My heart breaks everytime he said I love you and I miss you. I can't help myself but cry. It was already almost 1:00 am when we slept and he needs to wake up at 3:00 am.

The taxi arrived on time. I was really crying when I saw the taxi in the driveway, that means he has to go. I don't want to stop him or else he will miss his flight. When he was at the door, I hug him so tight and cry in his shoulder. I know it was hard for him too but with the money he will earn there encourage him to work and aside from that, he likes his job and he like the people that work with him. He feels that he's only in his vacation.

When I saw the taxi leaving, I felt so weak and I cry and cry and cry until 9:00 am. I was hugging his pillow and it make me feel better.

I had a hard time to sleep last night..we've talked in the phone but after talking, I was not able to sleep. I waited too long before I took a sleeping pills. I slept  around 3:00 am again and woke up 7:00 am, prepare myself, had breakfast and drive straight to work. I just hope that I can sleep tonight. I have to.

I miss my hubby so much.



Friday, 14 September 2012


I been sneezing since yesterday. I'm so afraid that I will have colds or flu in the next few days. I guess my immune system is so week since I didn't have enough sleep for almost a week now. Since the very first day that hubby told me that he's leaving for work outside the province, I was not able to sleep in the night and wake up so early in the morning since I have to work the whole day. The worst is, I always forgot to take the multivitamins every morning which didnt help in my health :-)

I just hope that I will be okay before hubby will leave. I don't want to be sick if I'm alone in the house. I will do best to take care of myself



Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We are enjoying every second of the time we're together. Hubby is doing everything that needs to be done before he will fly to Alberta...the never ending paper works, preparing all the stuff for winter, his personal stuffs and some of my stuffs. He drop me at work every morning this week and pick me up in the afternoon. He cook for me, been for ice cream and watch tv together without computer in my lap :-)

After he pick me up this afternoon, we been shopping for his clothes and mine as well :-) , then he treat me to St-Hubert restaurant for supper. He's been running all day just to finish what's in his "to-do" list. I know he's exhausted but he always have time for me. 

Just now, he has to finish some paper works so I have time to blog.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012


As I mention in my previous entry, hubby will be leaving to Alberta next week. Because he will be away for few weeks, maybe months, he started to take all the summer stuff to the shed. He don't want that I will stuck with it. He already washed the garage when I arrived from work this afternoon. Patio table set were already in the shed and tomorrow we will take out the tarpaulin roof and put it in its place. I know it's still too soon since the weather is still warm and nice but we're afraid that he will stay longer in Alberta. I can't do all this thing alone. Cutting the grass and preparing the flowers for winter,that I can do it alone.

So this is it. I'm ready for winter and so excited to it but sad that I will be alone in few weeks or months :-(


Monday, 10 September 2012


(Lac La Blance- Photograph by me)

I remember the first time I was alone in my whole life was the time when the husband works in United State for a 1 year contract. The first day was so difficult for me. I was crying and crying and crying when he left. I was not able to sleep in the night. I already had my ticket to join him but it was scheduled 1 week after because he still needs to find a place to stay. He wanted to have the place before I will arrive. 

One week after, I flew to Vancouver. I had a bad luck when I arrived at the costume. I had my US tourist visa which is good until 2014 but they didn't allow me to enter US because I need to have a TD visa (my hubby had TN visa and they told me that I'm not visiting my hubby but living with him). Good thing that I have a friend to stay in Vancouver. I called the US embassy the next day to have an appointment to get my TD visa but unfortunately, there was no available time before 1 month. I have no choice but wait. Hubby visited me in Vancouver every other weekend. 

I got my visa and stay in Seattle for 3 months only that I suppose to stay there until the end of hubby's contract. I didn't like the place. We lived in the hotel and I can't cook. I need to go out if they clean the room. So I decided to go back home and stayed alone for 7 months. 

I thought it was easy for me but I was wrong. I can't drive on that time and my french was not yet good. I found it hard and I'm always praying that his contract will be over and be together again.

After his contract, he didn't go back. The company where he worked always called him to go back with all the good benefits and higher salary but he chose to stay with me. I was so happy with his decision.

But now, hubby is scheduled to fly to Alberta for a short term job but it can be extended. I don't want him to go but he likes the job and the salary is way to high. I said okey thinking that I will be okey since I can drive now and I'm working. I will only be alone at night. 

Six days more to go and he will fly to Alberta. As the days goes by, I started to feel lonesome. I can't imagine myself on the day that he will leave to the airport. Just thinking of it makes me cry. 

I'm so afraid to be alone. I know he always call me but alone in the house, I don't know if I can survive. I'm too dependent to him. 

I can't change the plan now. I have to accept it...I think I can do CAN DO IT..I HAVE TO.