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Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Hi guys! I’m back! Sorry for the long absence. As I mentioned before, I was sick and advised by the doctor to have a complete bed rest. But because I’m a hard headed person, I didn’t follow what the doctor said. The pain in my lower back was getting worst. And now, I have no choice, I have to stop schooling. Hubby was very caring to me. He’s always looking after me. He installed me in the bed and make sure I’m comfortable and my laptop next to me. Thought I have my laptop with me, I can’t update my blog because he don’t want me to work with my computer. All I did was watched tagalog movies from and my favourite teleserye LOBO. The good rest really helps me a lot. Now, I feel better. I can set in the sofa without pain in my back. I can start updating my blog now.

I’m really sorry again guys. I was not able to visit your blog. And to those bloggers who always visit my blog, Thank you so much. Now I have all my time in with my laptop. I can work fulltime now.


Friday, 14 March 2008


i got this tag from Janet.. thank you so much net.

I AM… a faithful wife, a respectful daughter, a loyal friend...a unique one :-)
I WANT…to do my best to make my fellowmen happy and proud of me
I HAVE… A wonderful family and friends
I WISH…to have a power that could change the worst to better :-)
HATE...all bad things.
I FEAR… that my love ones will leave me
I SEARCH…something special and unique that i could give to my hubby on our 5th year anniversary
I WONDER…why the wars are not yet over.
I REGRET…i regret nothing in my life.
I LOVE…all my family, friends, relatives....i love my husband and i love myself
I ALWAYS…be a loyal and faithful wife
I AM NOT…perfect but i'm doing my best to be one.
I DANCE…all the time hehehehe i always dance here in the house as my exercise
I SING…always especially when i'm driving the car. I feel relax
I CRY....everytime i miss my family in pinas. i always cry if im sick hehehe
I WRITE…because I want to share all about me to everyone.
I WON…the roll up the rim hehehehehe but only a free coffee
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to improve my french language so that i can work quickly and can communicate the french people
I SHOULD…take my diet seriously because i'm gaining so much weight now :-(

Guys... I want to passed this to francine, nova, and pinay mommy


Monday, 10 March 2008


Hi guys! I’m so sorry for not updating my blog for 2 weeks now and I didn’t visit you too. If you read my last posting, I mentioned there that I had a problem with my back (slipped disk). Until now, I’m still suffering of it. We been to the hospital and they give me 4 medicaments and recommend a full rest at home. But I’m a hard headed woman (as what my hubby used to call me hehhehe). I attended my French course and the worst is, I was driving 4 hours last March 1 and hubby drove the remaining 4 hours. We visited our friend in Gaspésie east of Quebec. Infact, its only 5 hours drive if we take the highway or freeway but we took TransCanada Road and visited all the small town and took some pictures. I didn’t tell him that the pain was getting worst because if I will tell him, we will stay home the rest of the week which we don’t like. And last week, my back was getting worst. But still I went to the school. Last Wednesday, there was a snow storm. It’s not that bad but the school was closed so I had a day off. Instead of resting, I did some cleaning in the house which is not good for my back. What a hard headed woman! Hahahaha. And again, last Friday, the entire French course student went to the Cabane a Sucre (sugar shack). We had a lot of activity. I enjoy a lot during our outing but when I came back home, my back was really bad that I need to lie down. Saturday and Sunday, there was a big snow storm. We just stay home and I had a good rest. I have no choice; hubby was here with me hehehhe.

This is the reason of my long absence. Tomorrow, I will have my first therapy for my back. I will just hope that everything will be okey.