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Sunday, 27 February 2011


I been eating bad foods this past few weeks. I'm not eating good breakfast from tuesday to friday because my course is starting 8:00 am and I need to leave from home 7:00 am because of the heavy traffic. I wake up 6:30 am and prepare myself. So I don't have much time to eat my breakfast. All I have is a smoothies with protein. And then after my course I'm so hungry to death and that will cause my headache. So to prevent having headaches I have to eat but because I finish 10:00 am, the canteen is still close. I always have chocolate in my bag so I can have it everytime I feel hungry to avoid headache. I know chocolates are not good for my health but that's the only way I know to have something in my stomach. Sometimes, I go to the mall after my course but again, I'm not eating good foods there. I can feel that I'm gaining a lot of
weight now and honestly, I'm so worried about it. I know that it's only me that can help myself so I'm trying my best to control my food intake. Yesterday night, I started cooking chicken with veggies without rice. I know it's good for me and for hubby too. This morning, we drove 1 hour just to have brunch. I felt guilty to myself. I took western omelette but that's all I got, no dessert and just milk in my coffee (I always put 2 cream in my coffee).
Then tonight, my friend visited me and we decided to have fish for supper. Photos above were our supper a while ago with cantalope as our dessert. I guess it's good enough for my health.



Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It's been a while now since I started the belly dancing course. I do like it but my body is not really participating :-) but I didn't give up and I will never be. I love doing it and I'm enjoying it so much. I just got back from the course and it's getting to the end now. I mean, we almost finish the choreography. Too bad that 3 of the dancers will not join in the big show this coming May 21 but the show will still go on even without them.

I will shop for my veil tomorrow. I'm using the veil of my professor since the beginning (shame on me hehehe). Still I know what color I have to buy because I have 4 complete costumes with different colors, they are green, blue, red and black with different colors of stones in it. I have to think of color that will match with the 4 colors. I'm so excited now.



Monday, 21 February 2011


Hubby and the carpenter are working in our basement just now. They are doing a lot and an electrician will come in a few minutes to do the electrical work. There's still lots to do but they are moving forward and I'm so excited to see the result. Our basement will be a multifunctional room. It will be a photo studio, entertainment and bar. I'm really looking forward to be in my basement. Hopefully, we will finish it at spring time.

"The agreed supreme walks before the pretended governor."



Digital Scrapbooking was my passion before. But it was stop because time didn't gave me the change to do it. I was too busy with my work and facebooking takes more of my spare time. I was browsing my photos in my backup HD and I found all my digiscrap that I made before. My interest came back and I did 3 digiscrap already in 2 days. I did one for my niece that became the Lady of the night. I thought I already forgot how to do it but I didn't. The result was quite good :-)

Click here to see one of my creation:-)



Thursday, 10 February 2011


I had my eye check up this morning and I'm so happy with the result. I started wearing eyeglasses when I was still in high school but I didn't wear it always because it really bothers me. Then I changed it many time and the last time I change was last 2006 here in Canada. I used it for for a year then I stopped wearing it for the same reason. Hubby always get mad at me if he saw me not wearing it. I use it sometimes especially if I'm working in my computer. And I notice that my eyes is always red every time I'm wearing my glasses. So I decided to see the specialist and we did it this morning. He's very smart and he did a lot of test. The result? My eyes are very good. He was surprise why I was wearing glasses and the worst is, everytime I'm wearing the eyeglasses, I'm forcing my eyes that's why it gets red. He recommended not to wear them again even if I'm working in the computer. I'm so so happy coz I really hate eyeglasses :-)



Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Well, well, well, I'm back now to the world of blogging. I know I made lots of promises but I was not able to fulfill it. I'm sorry again. What else I could say? Maybe I owe all of you and explanation. I was so busy with my work before. I don't even have time to cook for our supper everytime I arrived home. Sometimes hubby will prepare something but most of the time, we drove to the nearest resto and had our supper there. I feel to complain the situation but I didn't because we both work and it's a big blessing for the two of us. If we have spare time, we always hangout together because it's very rare since we both work that we can go out and take vacation. But everything change since last week. My boss decided to close the resto where I work and that means I'm jobless now. Yes I am. But I'm not worried at all because I am already qualified for the unemployment pay. For sure I'm not getting more than what I got from my salary but I can have all my time taking care the house, cook for hubby and improve my french :-) . I enrolled yesterday to a french course. It's just an update of my french and the good thing is, they will not cut my unemployment pay. I thought being jobless makes my life miserable but I was wrong. I'm happy just now, stress-free and had the opportunity to improve my french especially in writting.

Well, goodluck to me and I'm so happy also because I have time to blog now. Have a nice day to all:-)