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Friday, 9 January 2009


My friend is getting married in September this year. She’s asking me to be there in her wedding day but it’s sad to say that I can’t. I’ll be spending my vacation this coming June and I don’t want to stay longer there until September. It’s too long for me. 6 weeks is more than enough to be away from my hubby. So I told her that I can’t be there in her wedding day. Good that she’s really very understanding. The best thing that I can do is to help her planning her wedding. I already told her that I will be the one to do the wedding invitation. She’s very happy because most of her friends help her and offer services to her wedding. Everything is quite ready now. The only thing that she doesn’t have is her wedding dress. One of our friends offers her to use her wedding dress. The dress is so nice and she likes the style but the problem is she’s too big for the dress. She’s working hard now to lose some weight. She almost lost her patience in losing weight. Now, she’s thinking of something else. She took a safe and effective diet pills. I just received an email from her telling me that she’s losing weight and she’s very excited now to try the wedding dress of our friend to see if it will fit her. She still has few months to lose weight. But she told me that she’s very happy of her decision in taking the diet pills. I’m happy for her.