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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Hubby’s cousin is working in California for more than 10 years now. But his family is still here because they don’t want to leave there house empty and they want to keep their house. He always visiting his family 4 times a year and during the school vacation, his family always spends their vacation in California. But because of the crisis today, they decided to sale their house here and the family will move to California. They will be leaving this June after the school.

Hubby’s cousin wants to have the best for his family. So just now, he’s looking for a good insurance plan for them. They want to be secured especially on their health since they’re no longer living in Canada. He was here last Christmas and he talked about this to my hubby and they started looking for a good and affordable insurance. He found HSA Plans California interesting. HSA stands for Health Savings Accounts. This is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States. This plan is a big help for those people that want lower premiums and looking for an insurance that has a high deductible to prevent some catastrophic events. He’s already sure that he will take this plan for his family. He’s planning to get the California health insurance online quote as soon as possible.

For now, we’re checking for the California Business health Insurance. Hubby has a plan and I will tell you all the details as soon as everything will be finalize.