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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I was tagged by Nita. Thanks sis for tagging me :)
Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.Below are my answers:
1. Dec 24, 2002 » Actually it's already Dec 25(midnight of 24 xmas night) when my husband asking me to marry him. He call me in my cellfon from Canada and my sister give me the engagement ring :-)
2. March 19, 2003 » The first time I gave myself to my husband on the night of our wedding day in hongkon. It's my birthday too :-)
3. November 28, 2003 » I recieved the confirmation letter from Canadian Embassy confirming that my visa was ready.
4. January 25, 2004 » It was really in the night that i arrived in Vancouver Canada and my husband surprise me. He was waiting for me outside the immigration office. Because he told me that he will pick me up in montreal because he said that the return plane ticket to vancouver is too expensive. I was really disappointed but i didnt tell him. But, it was really a big surprise to me when i saw him with a bouquet of roses waiting for me outside :-). I was really happy and we fly together to montreal in the midnight of the same day.
5. December 25, 2005 » When i recieved my laptop from my hubby as a christmas gift :-)
Now, i'm tagging, francine, eden, and arlene


Sunday, 26 August 2007


I could say that we have a very nice day today. No work in the house and no camping. A day just for the two of us hehehehe. We woke up not that late in the morning as we used to do before :-). We attended the 9:00 am mass and then took our breakfast in the resto as we always do every sunday. And then we drove to the village to see the beauty of the nature. And of course, I will not go back home without taking some pictures hehehhehe.

While driving around, i saw horsed in the barn. I find it very nice so i stopped the car and took many pictures of them. But i will only show you one each hehehehe


Saturday, 25 August 2007

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! It's been long that i was not able to update my blogsite. We been for a camping and most of the campground don't have internet and that's the reason why i was not able to update my blog. Sometimes, we came home for only 2 days and then leave again to the other camping. I really feel bad.. but anyway, two more camping and it's finish for this year. We will store the motorhome next month probably in the 3rd weekend. Hubby will start his work this coming sept 17 and i will continue my french language class.

By the way, i want to share to you some of the photos that we took during the days that we were away.. just click below to see the photos in it's place we been.
more photo in my next post