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Thursday, 8 January 2009


I’m sure that every one of us has a childhood wish. I have lots of childhood wish and I would say that half of them are already granted. And I’m still wishing on the remaining half. 4 years ago, hubby granted one of my wishes to visit Disneyland. I was like a kid when I was there. I was really happy that finally, I visited the place that I been wishing for since I was a kid. One wish that is not granted and I guess it will not happen anymore is to have a fantasy birthday party with Mickey Mouse and Minnie. I’m no longer a child. Hubby told me that I can still have a fantasy birthday party without Mickey Mouse and Minnie. We will plan something that would fit to my age. We’ve decided to have that party in 6 years on my 40th birthday. We still have lots of time to plan and on my 40th birthday will be so special to me because I believe that life begins at 40. It’s not really my idea to have a big party on my 40th birthday, its hubby’s idea. So he will be the one to plan everything. And I’m sure he doesn’t have much knowledge in organizing a party. Good thing that Celebration is here. They will help you do the planning and organizing your birthday party. And not only that, they have lots of advices on planning a 40th and 50th birthday party. They also have lots of ideas like 40th birthday ideas and 50th birthday idea that sure you will be inspired.