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Monday, 12 April 2010


I'm trying to lose 20 lbs before our big show for the belly dancing class but I don't think I can make it. The show will be this coming May 22 and it's too late now. I know I can lose 20 lbs but not that soon. I'm still doing my best to lose even a few pounds. I'm doing cardio everyday and do earobics 3 times a week. I'm trying to avoid fats and sweets too but last weekend we been to the resto as we use to do every weekend. Two weeks in a row, I'm only eating whole wheat bread toasted and peanut butter with coffee in the resto but last weekend, I want to treat myself because I can't resist when I saw the menu. I ordered waffle with variety of fruits. Just the two together is not bad at all but with the cream and the chocolate syrups, it has more calories and the sweets is not helping me to lose extra pounds. Well, I been eating low carbs and no sweets for two weeks and I guess I deserve this delicious food.

I just arrived from the gym and I feel too sticky :-) I have to go now and take my show...



Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I arrived too early at work this morning. I decided to go early because I want to relax before the start of work. We have wifi at work so even if I'm working, I can check my email and facebooking as long as I have time. We were quite busy at work today but still I was able to work properly. I like my work now even if I don't have enough time but there's always good side in it like I will enjoy my summer especially that I'm off early in the afternoon so we can do bbq every night and spend more time in our patio. I'm off in the weekend also we can easily plan for a weekend trip and I can ask 1 week off anytime I want. But this afternoon, I found a very interesting job and it's a full time job with 40 hours per week. As usual, there's good side and bad side on it. The good side is, I will earn more money and it's too close to our house. And the bad side is, I will not have a weekend off and we can't plan for a weekend trip. I still pass my resume this afternoon and I don't have any response yet. Just now, I regret why I give my resume. I don't know, but I really had a regret. If they will not accept me, I don't mind hehehe. Will, I will just wait.



Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It's been two weeks that I didn't attend my belly dancing class because our instructor had an operation in her neck that I really don't know exactly what it was. Two weeks that she was not there so I didn't go there though somebody replaced her.

Tonight, I been there and we practice so hard in preperation for our show this coming May 22. I'm so excited on that said show. It's my first time to be in that big show. May is the busiest month for us the belly dancers. We will have 2 days pictorials and dinner with the groups. So excited:-)



Monday, 5 April 2010


It's almost two months now that I'm not updating in any of my blogs. Busy and lazy are not the reason why I'm not updating them. I was discourage and disappointed because Mr. G banned my adsense. The reason they said is because of illegal clicks. I know this is the main reason why they ban you and I know it very well. I got paid already for how many times and why should I click my own adsense? I'm not really mad at Mr. G because they are just doing their job. I'm pretty sure that one of my friends or hubby's family did it accidentally using my IP. They ask me to appeal but I lost my interest anymore. Maybe I will do it one day.

I been thinking of ignoring my blogs but I realized that it's not a good idea and I have to move on, continue updating and be conected again to my fellow bloggers.

Now I'm back and I hope this will continue...