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Thursday, 22 January 2009


Since the first day I live with my hubby, we’re always have this loveseat and until now we’re still using it. Yesterday, I broke one leg of the loveseat. I was really disappointed because I love it and I want to keep it. I was planning to put it in the basement as soon as we will have a new one because we planned to buy a new one to match in our furniture in the living room. But I can’t do it now. It’s already broken. We have no choice now. We have to buy sofas, one for the living room and one for the basement in my entertaining room. We checked last night for a sofa and we decided to buy this leather and fabric sectional sofas with chaise from Buy Couches online. We both love this because it’s a combination of leather and a fabric and all the pillows are included. This will fit perfectly in our living room. And also, their discounted prices are very affordable and the shipping is free. For the basement in our entertainment room, we decided to put a sectional leather sofa with built-in tables. We love the design and the light color will be good in the basement because we don’t have to have a dark basement. With this new furniture in our basement, I’m sure I will spend more time there with my laptop. I’m so excited now to purchase this sofa.