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Thursday, 24 September 2009



(Photo taken last weekend when I had my first flight with a helicopter)

I don't know how to start this post but I will try my best to have one. I was inactive for a while because of a very stupid reason. I been trying to many times to make an entry but my mind was not working. I was very distracted with my farms in Facebook. I spend most of my time in that game and not even doing some house chores. I’m not really proud of myself. I’m getting crazy with that game. And now, I’m trying to minimize my time in my so called farm and concentrate in my blog.

Lots of things happen to me in the past few weeks. Some were good and some were not that good but not that bad too. I’m already in my third week of my belly dancing class. The first day was not exciting. When I saw the instructor, I felt disappointed because she is very fat he he he. But when she dance, oh my! Her body is very flexible. I like my belly dancing course now. I’m looking forward for our final show he he he.

I’m back with my French language course too. It’s really a need for us here to speak French fluently to have a nice job. I don’t really like that much but I have no choice. It’s only 1 day per week, so it’s not that bad at all.

We’re always away from home every weekend. And hopefully, I can share to you the photo of our weekend trip soon. I will not promise but I will try.

I guess I have to go now. See you next time guys!



Thursday, 10 September 2009


(Photo was taken at Starlight Beach during my vacation)

It's exactly one month today since I came back from my vacation in Philippines. I don't know why but I feel lonesome since I woke up this morning until now. I tried to make myself busy but I can't stop my tears falling. Good thing that hubby is always here to comfort me. He drove me to my favorite place...I felt better when I saw the water flowing the river. Water is really a therapy for me. Everytime I have problems or miss my family, I always go to the river next to our home, sat under the tree facing the water.. And most of the time, we drove along the river everytime we feel for a ride.

My life today is like the photo above. It's dark but I see the light through my hubby's presence. I'm so thankful to my hubby for he always understand me and always there for me.



Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I'm sure you ask yourself what drives me's the Farm Town on Facebook that drives me crazy. It's been a while that I join farm town game but I didn't visited it, not even taking care of it. Most of my friends are talking about how they take care of their farm, how much money they have and what they have in their farm. Everytime they talked about their farm, I felt shy because I have nothing to share with them. My farm was empty. So lately, I decided to learn how take care of my to make money. I started to visit my friends farm and did some work so that I will get enough money to buy seed and flowers for my farm. Well, my farm now is getting bigger and bigger. I mean, I already harvested some fruits and vegetables and i planted some flowers too. I spend most of my time now in my farm checking if i have vegetable or fruits that are ready to harvest. I'm checking them from time to time because some of them will be ready for harvest in 4 hours.

If you own a farm town, please invite me so that I will have more neighbors so that I will earn more money :-)