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Monday, 3 May 2010


Here I am again! I know that I been quite for a while due to some important work to do. I'm not talking about my work; I'm talking about hubby's job. He's working to a certain company as a machine and piping designer. The good thing in this job is he's working at home. He only goes to the office once every 2 weeks. He can do his job anytime he wants as long as he will finish it on time. We had good weather in the past few weeks. We took that opportunity to clean outside and prepare everything for summer. We did some short distance trip too and because of that, he missed a lot of time for his job. He was asking me if I could help him. Of course I can’t say no because I’m one of the reason also why he delayed his work. We finish the last drawing a while ago and ready to pass tomorrow. I’m so happy that I did something for him. It was really a big help for him.

Now, I’m done with his project so it’s time for me to do mine. I’m looking for language translation service for my friend. She’s doing some research and she really needs it.