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Saturday, 29 November 2008


Yes! I have more lumpia(spring rolls) to do. I received more orders since yesterday and even today. We went to the mall this morning to buy more warm cloths for me and we saw a friend and she order 6 dozen for christmas. I'm not finish doing the previous order and here another 40 dozens since yesterday. It'a tiring but I don't mind...just thinking how much money coming in makes me feel better and gives me the courage to do it. This is a great sideline and with this, I can buy the christmas gift for my hubby.




Friday, 28 November 2008


Christmas is fast approaching and everybody is busy shopping for Christmas gift for their love ones. I been doing my shopping too but unfortunately, the gifts that I want to give to my love ones are too expensive and is out of my budget. I try to check online hoping to find an affordable stuff and finally, I found the right site that I’m looking for. I’m talking about save bucket. They have all selection of gifts for everyone. I’m so happy that I found this site because they have lots of gift ideas and it makes easier for us to shop. They also have all kinds of toys for kids that are very affordable. All variety of perfume that could be good gift for women and high quality and affordable laptop are also available.
If you want to buy affordable gifts without going to the store with all the hassle, the shop your Christmas gifts at save bucket.




I feel like a baby again! I'm here sitting next to the window in our living room with my laptop. I really love to watch the snow falling outside. It's not a snow storm because there's no strong just a snowfall and I love to watch the big snow flakes falling down. It's already 12 noon but I'm still in my pajama he he he. Hubby will arrive this afternoon from his 4 days course. I will just wait for him and we will go out for a walk. We love to walk under the big snow fall. I'm really looking forward to go outside and play the snow:-)



Tuesday, 25 November 2008


My brother is planning to marry his girlfriend. Some of the family don’t agree with his plan because of their age gap. But I don’t mind because my brother is already in the 40’s and I don’t want to stop him in marrying his girlfriend. I know he wants to have his own family now and I want him to be happy. Mom told me that my brother is asking financial help to the family. He has his own business but marrying in Philippines is very expensive. Of course I will help him but I can’t guarantee to pay all the expense. So I advise him to get payday loan. This will be a big help for him because the approval is very quick and what is great in this payday loan is they don’t ask you about your credit history. It will only take 3 minutes to apply online and they will process in their secure server right away. No waiting and no hassles. My brother is so excited now to apply payday loan and have a happy and elegant marriage.
Good luck to you brother!




I just finished talking to my mom in the telephone. They are in CDO just now in the hospital where my grandmother (the sister of my grandfather in my mom's side) is confine. She has a heart problem. Mom told me that there's water in her hearth and she is very weak now. I was not able to talk to her. They said that she will not take long. Though she's already 89 years old but still I feel sad if she will leave us. She don't have family other than us because she's still single. I will be visiting them in june next year and I'm still hoping to see her in my vacation. I'm always praying for her and I'm begging you to say a little prayer for my grandmother.


Monday, 24 November 2008


Few more weeks to go and it’s already Christmas. Stores, malls and boutiques are full of people shopping for Christmas gift and I’m one of them. I’m almost done shopping for Christmas gifts for my in-laws. The only gift that is missing is the gift for my hubby. He already has all the accessories for his camera and his computer. I’m thinking to buy him some western stuff because I know he loves it. He’s collecting cowboy hats and boots. I guess I will buy him some.

For now, I will check Cavender’s Boot City. They are selling western wear, western accessories, men’s work boots and any western stuff. I will check working boots for hubby. He also needs one for working.



Sunday, 23 November 2008


We arrived 2am last night from Montreal. We been there since friday to help one of the family member preparing their house for rent because the couple that rented the house will move tomorrow afternoon and they want to finish the house before tomorrow. I did the painting and hubby was doing some carpenting with other friends. Some are cleaning the house and some are cleaning outside. We finished 11:00 pm last night and we drove straight home and we arrived almost 2am. We took our shower and we went straight to the bed. Me and hubby have pain all over. Until now we still have body pain. We didn't do anything in the house. All we did is watch tv and eat. Opps, we been for shopping this morning for my winter cloth. I'm gaining a lot of weight and I need to change my cloths. I spend just a 100$ in my shopping today and to tell you, I was very disappointed. I used to buy the small size but now, my size is alredy large :-( I'm not really happy and I don't feel to go for a shopping anymore.

Well, that's all for now and I guess I need to go to the bed and rest.



Wednesday, 19 November 2008


We had our vaccination for anti-flu yesterday morning. This is to prevent from flu this winter. The nurse told us to rest for 15 minutes after the vaccination but I was very hard headed. I kept on asking hubby that we have to go because I’m so excited to buy some of my Christmas decor. Then I work a lot yesterday and now my arm where they injected is very sensible. Good thing that I don’t have fever last night. Until now it’s still sensible but its okey. I’m ready for the winter and not to be afraid to get sick.
I attended my second session of my French course and as I said before, we are working hard on my pronunciation. My professor was happy of my performance this morning because I’m improving a lot and I’m so happy as well.
Well, I guess this is all for now. HAVE A NICE EVENING TO ALL!



Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Finally, my christmas tree is done. I started putting up my christmas tree last night but I was not able to finish it because hubby's friend came for a visit. We went for our vaccination this morning and did some lumpiang shanghai in the afternoon so my only chance to finish my christmas tree is tonight and I did it :-) I'm so happy that I finally did it. I'm not finish with my christmas decor but at least the christmas tree is there and with the snow falls this afternoon, it really gives me a spirit of christmas.

Photo below are some of the shot hubby took today.

me with my unfinish christmas tree

me with my unfinish chritmas tree

rest before I will continue my work

my finished christmas tree my belen with lighted christmas village left side of my lighted chritmas village
right side of my christmas village
and finally hehehehe



Saturday, 15 November 2008


I was really disappointed today. Until now honey is not yet home. He called me this afternoon telling me that the work is not yet finish. I was really expecting him at lunch time but he's not around. It's raining today so I was not able to go out for a walk. I really feel weak if I can't go out in a day. I been watching tv the whole day but still I'm not satisfied. Then I suddenly think of something. It's been a while that I'm not doing some digiscrap. So I open my laptop and make one. Photo above is the result of work.
I guess I have to end this now. Hubby just call and his on his way home. He told me that we will go out for souper so I have to prepare myself now.



Friday, 14 November 2008


Yes, I am so lonely today. Hubby left for Montreal this morning 5:00. He thought that he can be home at night but he just call me telling that the job is not yet finish and he needs to sleep there tonight and be home tomorrow afternoon. I feel bad because I'm not expecting that he will not be home tonight. It's so dull here in the house. I have nothing to do now. I did some lumpiang shanghai this morning because I have 60 dozen order again for Christmas. I finished putting some stuff in the living room. I wanted to do my christmas tree but I want to change the design this year and I need to buy some stuff but I don't have a car. Hubby got the car. I'm stuck with my christmas decoration. Anyway, I will just spend my time in my laptop because I miss it already. It's been long that I didn't spend much time in my baby lappy. Well, I will just visit you guys in your blogs.



Monday, 10 November 2008


We're finally done in our living room. The painting is done, the varnish for the floor is done and the furniture is already there. The television will be deliver this friday. We purchased it last saturday but hubby wants it to be deliver this friday because he was afraid we were not able to finish the varnish and he still have to relocate the cable outlet. I don't mind to have the television on friday, what I want now is to put my christmas decor. I already put some this afternoon and I will continue tomorrow morning...oppssssss tomorrow morning, we will go to the laundry shop because our washing machine is broken. We have a big load of dirty cloths to be wash tomorrow. So I will finish my christmas decor tomorrow afternoon.

I'm so happy with our living room. The dining room is already clean now. What's left to do is the cupboard and the computer room. There are still lots of dust in the computer room and the papers are all upside down he he he. But this is not a big work. We can do it in just an hour.



Friday, 7 November 2008


Thank you so much to my friend GERALDINE for this beautiful gift she gave me. Thank you so much dine. It's really appreciated.

And lovely are the blossomsThat are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishlyTo make the place more fair.
And, like the garden blossoms,Friendship's flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And, if the seed of friendshipIs planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,Friendship's flower will bloom for you
Start copying here:
Here are the rules for this tag;
1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog.
2.)Link back who pass you this special TAG.
3.)Spread this tag to at least 4 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with.

Now, it's my time to give this gift to Nita, Norms, Nova and Ronin.



Thursday, 6 November 2008


This morning hubby started to sand the floor in the living room and put one coat of varnish in the part where the wall was before. The varnish is not yet dry so we have to wait until it gets dry and we will put the second coat. After the second coat will be done, we will have to varnish all over the floor. I still don’t know when we finish this work. I’m really looking forward now to put my Christmas decor.

After the living room, we have to put the ceramic in the stairway but just in the bottom close to the basement. We didn’t finish it last summer because hubby was assigned in Edmonton. It’s not really that bad but its better if we will finish it before Christmas.

I feel pity to hubby because he’s complaining about his knee. He’s working a lot with his knee and it is getting painful now. I’m thinking to buy him tactical pants that I saw online. They have a big sale just now and I guess I will buy one for him.



Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi everyone! Today is a big day for me. I started my French refreshment today. This is only once a week and I choose Wednesday. That means I'm not available every Wednesday. I took the full day course. Each one of us has one professor. My professor is very nice and she taught me very well especially in my pronunciation. My only problem in French is only my pronunciation. Grammar is quite difficult but I’m doing well with it. We are working very hard in my verbal communication.
Everything is free in this course. We have free snack during our break. Juice, water, cookies, chocolate bars, snack bars and more are all free. I’m so happy that someone introduces me in this course. This will help me a lot in my French language and I can practice more with them.
After my course, I walk to home because the weather is very nice. We have warm sunny day this week. We are very lucky because some places here in Quebec already have snow and quite cold.
That’s all for today and tomorrow, we will start sanding the floor and I think we will go out. We will go to the park and take a walk while the weather is still nice.



Tuesday, 4 November 2008


It’s been almost two years now that I got my driver’s licence and still I don’t have my own car. Having two cars here are so expensive in the maintenance and insurance especially if only one is working. I’m not working so we decided to have only one car for the two of us. I drop hubby at work and I will keep the car for me. But now, I started looking for work and I already pass my Curriculum Vitae and I’m just waiting for their call. But last week, I found a good opportunity for me to practice my French. There is a religious organization in our place that conducts a French lesson for free. As you all know, I already finished my French language class but I don’t have enough practice because until now we talk English in the house. So, I took one day of French course and 3 days work. So I decided to buy my own car because hubby will need his car for work.

I want to buy my car with my own money but since I don’t have enough money for now, I’m looking for car loan. I found a best car loan online. I said it is best because they offer low and extremely competitive interest rate which is a big help to people who really need a car. And not only that, they also have Bad Credit Car Loans that provide car financing and opportunity for you to rebuild your shaky credit while driving your new or used car.

I'm so excited now to have my own car and thanks to Basic Car Loan.




I'm back! I'm sorry guys I was not able to update my blogs for few days. We were in Montreal on the days that I'm inactive here. We just arrived tonight and we are very tired. I just rest a little and then took my shower before I open my lappy. Actually, I had my lappy with me but I don't have enough time to blog. We did lots of things in Montreal and another big adventure for me hehehehe. I will tell you what happen to me yesterday. Hubby was with friend and his daughter was asking me if I can pick up her son in the daycare. I knew the way to the daycare which is close to her house, so I said yes. It was in the middle of a big traffic jam. Infact, it's my second time driving in that area alone. I was very confident while driving. The traffic is so bad and I miss the exit. I started to get panic but I just continue in the same highway until I felt that I'm very close to downtown Montreal. Oh my! I tried to get out from the highway and find a place to park and call my husband but then I saw the sign going back to where I was. I took that highway and luckily, I found my way to the daycare hehehhehe. I was so happy that I arrived safe.
That's all for now and I will give you an update later about our work in our living room.