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Friday, 31 January 2014


Finally I got my Nikon Pro umbrella kit. We've check different brands and different prices and we end up buying a nikon. Ever since, hubby and I are both nikonians and for now, all our camera gadgets are from nikon.

Im really looking forward to have my first pictorial, hopefully 3rd week of February.  I cant wait :-)


Thursday, 30 January 2014


Ampalaya or bitter melon in english is one of the famous vegetable in Philippines. I dont eat this much when I was still in Philippines since I didnt like much the taste but when I ate the one my friend cooked here , I started to like it and I'm always looking forward to eat some.

Last month , I bought few at one of the asian store here. I cooked and thinking of freezing some but I ate them all in just 3 days :-). We been to the same asian store tonight and I bought some and this time , I will have to freeze some and just take it when I feel to eat. I can't wait to cook them and eat......


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Winter is my favorite season of the year. Some find it weird but not me. I like it most when it's snowing hard..colds? It doesn't matter to me as long as I wear good and warm clothes. I like to go outside during winter. We used to go out, walked outside and took pictures then I started to go skiing and I love it. But this winter, I didn't have any activity yet. I wanted it go for a ski and try ice skating too but my work didn't permit me to do so. I had a 1 week off after new year but the temperature went down t o -35 Celsius. Who wants to go out with this temperature outside? Even though I have a winter suit that is good up to -40 but still there is no fun outside. 

This weekend, we will go for a snow tubing with friends. This activity really excite me. This will be the first activity I will have for this winter. I will sleeping over at my friend's place. I don't know what the weather will be this weekend but whatever it is, we will have to enjoy it before the winter will be over. 

I'm so excited now and looking forward for this weekend activity.



Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Everytime I'm in Montreal, I always go to one of the biggest asian store and buy lots of Philippines Product. I been Montreal 2 weeks ago with friends but because of the hectic schedule, I was not able to go to the asian store but my friends were there. I asked them to buy me few bottle of Sukang Pinakurat (spicy vinegar), Boy Bawang (Corn nut) and Corned Beef. I wanted to have more but I'm not comfortable in asking more :-) But with all these, I'm already happy. 



Monday, 27 January 2014


There was a heavy snowfall this morning. I was so scared when I drove to work because the road has 0 visibility. It took me 25 mins drive to work instead of 10 to 15 mins. I just drove very carefully and use the 4 wheel drive. 

When I arrived at work, my boss called me and told me that he might arrive too late due to the bad weather and a heavy traffic.  There were lots of accident in the highway (freeway). One of the local bus had an accident due to the slippery road and at least 10 passenger were injured. 

I'm always thankful at the end of the day that nothing bad happen to me and to my husband. 



Sunday, 26 January 2014


As I said in my previous post, yesterday night was my 10th year here in Canada. I arrived in Vancouver, Canada on the 25th of January 2004. My husband was there waiting for me and then we took the plane going to Montreal and we arrived in Montreal, Quebec on the 26th of January 2004. So today is my 10th year here in Quebec where I started to have my own new home.

It was 10 years ago when I first step in this wonderland Quebec...10 years ago when I first touch the snow...10 years ago when I first stepped in our little home...10 years now and counting.


Saturday, 25 January 2014


Exactly at this hour, 10 years ago when I landed in Vancouver, Canada and became a Permanent Resident in the country. It was 10 years ago when I saw my husband patiently waiting for me in the waiting area in the airport with a bouquet of roses in his hands. It was 10 years ago....... and we are still together until now and counting as happy couple.

To celebrate this occasion , hubby surprise me with a nice supper in a fancy restaurant with our friends. It's been 10 years now and he never stop surprising me. I'm so thankful to have him and completed my life. He always there every time I need him, he always there to comfort me in time of sorrow and laugh at me in times of happiness. He always make me feel that I'm always a part of this family and in this country. He's my everything second to God.

I love you mon amour and i will now stop loving you until the end.



Friday, 24 January 2014


Oh yeah! It's friday night means it's flyday :-) Another week just gone and another new week is coming. I did a lot this week at work and at home. I work full time (means, I didn't cut my hours and I use to do if I feel bored at work ) and we did a big  job in the basement, in the laundry area and we did a new storage. It's not yet 100% finish but  it's only 10% of work to do. I'm proud of my husband's work in the basement. He did 90% alone and 10% of my help. 

He did a break today. He went to visit a friend and we been to the mall after my work. We shop for more equipment for my photography studio. I'm looking forward to have my first client hopefully earlier of next month.

We will just forget the works this weekend and just enjoy. 



Thursday, 23 January 2014


Today is the fiesta of Virgen De La Paz Y Buen Viaje Parish in our place Cuasi, Loon, Bohol. I heard that they don't have a nightly program as what they used to do every year. The parishioners are still busy fixing themselves after the 7.2 magnitude earthquakes that hit the place last Oct. 15 last year. But despite of their bad situation, they are still able to celebrate the fiesta of the patron of our church, the Virgen De La Paz Y Buen Viaje and a thanksgiving at the same time that they survived all the calamities that happen to our place. 

As my part here to celebrate with them, I donated an amount that pay for the officiating priest in our church and another amount to the chapel in the neighboring barangay that have the same patron of our church. I'm giving donation every year to our church to share my blessing that I have now. 



Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I'm back with my lemon-cucumber drink. I been drinking this last year but again , I stopped during the holiday season. I wanted to go back to my healthy diet and drinking water with lemon and cucumber is one of the thing that I will have to continue.

You can try this.'s really taste good and good for the health too.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014


As I said in my previous post, I was 130 lbs last year. At first, I didn't mind my weight but when it reach to 130 lbs, I was scared. I tried to do exercise but I didn't see any changes until one of my friend told me that she loss weight quickly just taking lemon with warm water every morning when the stomach is still empty. I tried it and yes, my 130 lbs weight went down to 120 lbs in just 3 months. But last holiday season, I gain 5 lbs. Parties were everywhere and anywhere during the holiday season and the worst was, I ate bad foods and more of the sweets. Nobody to be blame but me.  :-( I didn't took the lemon too every morning because I always woke up late and too hungry. Sometimes, we sleepover to a friend's place. 

Now, I wanted to loss another 10 lbs before summer. I back with the warm water with lemon every morning and do some exercise. I have to do this not only to look good but to have a healthy life.



Monday, 20 January 2014


Last Saturday I went to Montreal with friends to celebrate the Sinulog. We stayed im the apartment of one of our friends and it was a good timing because another friend that just came from Bohol was there too. We really had a great time that night, eat good pilipino foods and chitchating of course. Late at night , we decided to go to the casino. I spent $20 and I won $9 hehehe. Im not a gambler but I won few times in the casino , just few dollars only :-) 2 of my friends won $80 and $90 , good for them.

We were planning to go to casino next time but just here in Quebec. Hope to win more bucks that is enough to buy a plane ticket to visit my family :-) just wishing. ..


Sunday, 19 January 2014


We celebrated the Sinulog today in Montreal. The celebration was started with a Holy Mass and followed by a short procession of the Sto Nino around the church and down to the basement. Then a prayer and the blessing of all the Sto Ninos that were not yet bless and followed by the traditional Sinulog dance and of course all pilipino foods were present. There were lots of people attending the celebration.  I didnt expect that it was that much that some were fighting for a chair. Good thing I didnt brought my big camera or else I will stuck with it. It was a great celebration though and I was so happy that I was able to be there.



Saturday, 18 January 2014


It's my first time to celebrate the sinulog here in Montreal. We left Quebec city this afternoon and we will sleepover here in Montreal.  The celebration will be tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 19th. Im looking forward to celebrate with all the Bisayan people here in Quebec and of course the pilipino foods after. They told me that the mass tomorrow will be in bisaya.

Viva Pit Senior!


Friday, 17 January 2014


I had my 2 hours photography course tonight. It was really great one on one course. She show me how to have a good lighting during the photo shoot and 5 different types of lighting. My husband was my model during the course. I'm so happy and excited to have my next course. For now, we need to buy the 3 important accessories so that I can start doing photo shoot at home. It's quite expensive but I guess it worth it. Hubby will not have a hard time to find a gift for me, the accessories - reflector, tripod for the flash and Auto-Sensing Transceiver. With these 3 accessories, I will be okey in my little studio.

These three accessories are good for valentines day, birthday and wedding anniversary gift :-)


Thursday, 16 January 2014


Tonight is the second night that I'm using my trade mill for this year 2014. I'm really serious in losing weight. I been so rude with health during the holiday season, eat a lot of carbs and sugar. I been telling myself that it's a holiday season and I can eat whatever I want and burn all the fats after the holiday. But we're already in the middle of January and I just did my exercise last night. My goal is to loss 3 lbs before March and then I will try to loss another 5 lbs before summer. I admit that I don't have discipline  in my eating. Now, I really really need have a good diet and exercise more.

I did 2.53 miles tonight and burnt 192 calories. This is not much but it's good for a start. I promise to myself to continue this and give a reward after I reach my goal.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Last December, I posted in my FB that I want 2 hello kitty case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 for my christmas gift. My husband saw my post and he didn't commented and I asked him why, he told me that he do something instead of commenting my post. I was touch when he said that. I got the pink leather one that I'm currently using on christmas. I was so happy when I got it and the second one just arrive today. It took almost 2 months for the second one (the one in the photo) to arrive. Hubby was worried and  he was about to send an email to the company this week. 

I have to hello kitty case now and I'm so happy. I'm a hello kitty collector. Next time, I will share to you some of my hello kitty collection.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Oh my! I feel that we are already in Spring season. The weather temperature goes up to 5 degree Celsius and most of the ice were already melting. I have a mix feeling when I got out from work, excited thinking of the summer that will come soon and sad because I didn't enjoy the winter, not yet.  I still want to have more snow fall but not a snow storm. I still want to go skiing and try ice skating. I want to try the ice skating at least once before the winter end. I just hope that I can get at least 2 friday off so that I can go skating.

It was so foggy today since this morning. I was a little scared when i drove back home. I can't hardly see the road. Good that my car has a fog light and it really helps a lot. 

Thanks Lord for keeping me safe always :-)



Monday, 13 January 2014


I'm happy that my teleseries YAMASKA is back. I started watching this show last fall episode and I liked it. It's a French-Québécois téléromans.. It's just restarted tonight the winter episode and I will be watching this while I'm jogging in my treadmill. It's so sad that this show is only airing once a week, every Monday. That means I have to wait next Monday for the next episode :-( ....well, I'm just excited what will happen next.


Sunday, 12 January 2014


( St Louis Church)

Inspite of not having a good sleep last night, I still able to attend the Eucharistic Mass this morning at St Louis Church in Pintendre. Thanks for the husband for always reminding me to go to church to hear the mass. 

Because of the very icy road, it took us almost 30 mins to go to the church. We were late for 5 mins (we went to the church of the next village)

(inside view of the church)

We drove another 20 mins to have our brunch after the mass. We been to another village hoping to find a nice view for pictorial but we were disappointed because all the ice in the trees were all melted. I had a regret, i should have ask hubby to stop last night to picture the nice tress. Well, it's already too late...hoping to have more next time.


Saturday, 11 January 2014


Yes! We arrive safely here in Trois Reviere for the supper for a cause. The road is extremely slippery and we saw many accident in the highway. I was scared to death because our driver was driving so fast though he drives safely. The filipinia dancers had a slight accident and thanks God nobody is injured and they were able to dance here.

Im here in the venue of the supper while writing this blog. Pls pray for us in our trip going back to Quebec.

Drive safely guys...


Friday, 10 January 2014


We will be going tomorrow to Trois Reviere to paticipate the Feast for a Cause organize by the Filipino Organization in Trois Reviere. Proceeds will go to the super typhoon victims in Philippines. I'm excited for this event,  meet more Filipino and have more friends.

I will be travelling with my friends and I hope the weather will cooperate. Weather forecast for tomorrow is 7 degree celcius with rain and freezing rain in the night. Hoping and praying for a safe trip tomorrow.


Thursday, 9 January 2014


Skating is one of the sport that I wanted to try but I'm so scared, so afraid that I will fall and injure myself. I tried once with the roller blade in our driveway and I almost kill myself. Since then, I stop doing it and now I wanted to give another try. Since we are in winter, I wanted to try the ice skating but this time, I want to have somebody that can teach me how to skate. I really want to go skating before the winter will end. 

Anybody can teach me? pls let me know.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


                                                        (Photo not mine)

      We finally found a tv show that we both love to watch, the Mauvais Karma. It's a French teleseries here in Quebec. I been watching this show for a while until hubby watched once and I'm glad that he loves this show, and now we can watch this together every night. We're done the saison 1 and just finish the episode 2 of the saison 2. We're both looking forward to see every episode, 3 or 4 episode per night.

     I'm thinking of buying a DVD of the whole saison for it's cheaper than buying from iTunes . I paid $19.99 for each saison, 1and 2. If I can find the DVD on sale, for sure I will buy the complete saison. I will shop for it. 

     For now, we will continue watching the episode 3 :-)


Tuesday, 7 January 2014


We have a cold weather temperature today. As you can see the photo above, the temperature is all below -15 and "feels like" -34 for tonight. The roads are slippery and there were lots of accident in the highway. There was one big accident just close to our place. I saw it on my way home from work. Seeing that accident really makes me scared and don't feel to drive again. 

Please drive safely guys and be very careful. 


Monday, 6 January 2014


(my christmas village for the year 2013)

I started to put the houses of my christmas village to their boxes and put them in the big box to store in our storage.  I wanted to keep it a little longer but I'm the only one in our neighborhood that has still the christmas light outside :-) looks weird.  

(my christmas village for the year 2013) 

I'm done putting all the houses in the storage and I'm all done for tonight. I still have my christmas decoration in our dining room and in the kitchen. I will do them all tomorrow night after work and the one in the basement after. I think I will need 3 night to finish storing all my christmas decoration. 

I'm looking forward to put them back this christmas with the new addition that we bought last saturday.


Sunday, 5 January 2014


My two weeks vacation is ending today. We didn't travel during my vacation but I had a great time at home. I been for a few parties but I spent most of my time at home, watching movies and cooking. I'm going back to work tomorrow and I hate thinking of it but I have no choice. I need to work and save not only for my family but for myself too. Money is one of the reason why I'm working but the main reason is to expose myself to the public and improve my french. I admit that my french is not perfect but it's good enough to communicate to the public. I practice my french most of the time at work because I have no choice, they don't speak english and I'm happy because I see my improvement in speaking french.

I'm working 5 days a week full-time, Monday to Friday, day shift only. This is one of the reason why I don't want to leave my work. My boss give me the hours I want and no weekend. The only thing I don't like is nobody can replace me if I'm sick or have an appointment somewhere during weekdays. I hope my boss already found someone to work with me.


Saturday, 4 January 2014


(our furnace that broke this morning)

Our 20 years old furnace just gave up this morning. We were still sleeping when we heard a very loud "bang". Hubby ran right away to the basement and check the furnace and that's what he found, a tube was broken. We are so lucky that we were here when it happen or else we will have a fire in the house. We have bi-energer heating system and because we have a very cold weather just now, it's the oil heating that is working. So hubby turn off the heating system right away before an accident happen. He called the company for the furnace and they came 1 hour after. The house was already cold and I just stayed in the bed until the guy came and switch to the electric heater. 

We are using the electric heater just now until wednesday. We will have to change a brand new furnace and we will be in peace for at least another 20 years. It will cost $3,000 plus for the new furnace and the manpower. It's quite expensive but we will be safe.



Friday, 3 January 2014


Another freezing temperature today but a litter better than yesterday. The road is as slippery as yesterday and still lots of car accident in the highway. I was watching the news in the tv and they show the road condition and there is no reason for the drivers to drive fast for they know that the road is really bad but they still drive fast and cause the accident. I feel pity for those drivers who drive carefully and become the victim of the bad drivers.

Drive carefuly and safely guys..roads are very slippery.


Thursday, 2 January 2014


(St-Laurent River Levis, Quebec )

Weather temperature this morning was -31 degree celsius and I'm telling you that it was very very cold. We are very lucky that we have a covered garage where we park our car or else, we will have a hard time to start the engine. I need to go to the asian store to buy some spring roll wrapper so we have to go out in the very cold weather. We planned to take the ferry to save time but when we arrived at the ferry, the crew told us that we might wait 30 or 1 hour or maybe more because the ferry from Quebec City side had a hard time to dock. They're already 30 mins late and still they don't know what time they can dock so we turn around and just take the highway.

The photo above was taken this afternoon where some of the ice were already melting since the temperature is getting warmer and it is suppose to be warmer tomorrow and will be positive next week.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014. 

I wish to have more blessing to come, more happiness and good health for me and for my family. 

I hope this year will be a good year for more calamities and no more love love...