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Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Since I moved our old tv from our living room before here in the basement, I become a movie addict now. I spend most of my time here in the basement. I installed the tv with our old home theather here in the basement and so with my laptop. Hubby is not really happy of what I'm doing but at the same time, he's happy for me because I enjoy what I'm doing and he can watch the hockey game in our living room without somebody that always argue with him to change the channel he he he. And he's happy also when he hears me singing here with my magic sing. One thing also that I love here in the basement is, I can sing as loud as I can without disturbing our neighbors and not even my hubby who is watching tv up stair. Isn't this great? Last night, I watched 3 movies of Jennifer Aniston. I still have more dvd here to watch maybe one tonight and the rest will be next time.