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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


This is the first time I'm joining ABC WEDNESDAY. My photo for this week is T-raffic light. This was taken last February during the snow storm in our place with freezing rain. We just drove around the area to see if there were damage but thanks God that everything was okey. I had my camera with me and hubby as well. We both love taking pictures especially after the storm.

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Friday, 27 May 2011


I keep on searching photo in my HD which is related to reflection but I can't find one in my recent photos. I tried checking my external HD where I keep all my photos from 2004 and luckily I found one. I took this photo (photo above) last 2007 in Ontario during our 21 days drive with our motorhome. As far as I remember, this is beaver lake in Ontario, Canada.

Visit Weekend Reflection to see more photos.


Thursday, 26 May 2011


I know, I was so silent for few days it's not because I feel lazy to blog but we had so busy week since last weekend until yesterday. My friend was with us at home last weekend and she help me cleaning my flower garden. It was so nice last weekend so we decided to work outside. It feels so great wearing my short pants for the first time this year.

I was cleaning my tulips garden. The strong wind damage my tulips. 50% of them fall so I took the flowers and put it in my flower vase. There were lots of dandelion too so we tried to take them out. As usual, I'm so afraid of the earthworm and I didn't know that my friend is worst than me. We tried to ignore them just to finish our work but we didn't succeed. We were so afraid and we decided to stop. Hubby drove us to the ice cream bar. It's not were I use to go but it was good. The ambience is so nice and they have wifi that give them a plus factor :-)

The next day was raining so we stayed home still with my friend. We did some cleaning in the basement and we cook and cook and eat and eat :-)

After she left, I started transferring all the stuff that were in our living room and dining room that goes to the basement. We were so disappointed that the electrician cancelled his appointment 2 times. Electricity in the basement is not yet done but the heater is already installed and working.

Just now, we're here in Montreal for a visit. We will stay here for 5 days. It was raining so hard in our way here. Hubby drove halfway and I drove halfway too. The rain poured so hard when I drove the highway. I started to panic because I see nothing in the road but hubby kept on encouraging me. The rain slowed down after 1 hour until we arrived here. I hope we will have a nice weather in our stay here so that I can get nice photo.

Have a nice day to all ..and more updates next time :-)


Friday, 20 May 2011


Since summer is on the way now, I started to put all my winter clothes in our cedar room. I took all my spring clothes and summer clothes in my closet. But before I file them, I tried each one of them to see if it’s still fit me. I know I gain weight but I didn’t know that I gain that much. Most of them didn’t fit me anymore. It means only one thing, SHOPPING. I’m so thankful that hubby is very understanding. I didn’t even ask him. He’s the one who told me to shop for my cloths. I’m not really a fan of online shopping before until I tried once and it really convinces me to shop online. I like it because I don’t need to drive around especially if I’m alone. I really hate to walk around the mall and shop if I’m alone which happen most of the time because hubby is at work and he only give me the money to shop. Sometimes I go with my friend but this time, she’s in Philippines for her father’s burial. So I shop online and I found this comfortable loungewear. I’m a fan of loungewear. I already have some but half of them didn’t fit me anymore. I found the one I want and I’m just waiting hubby to arrive and we will buy this comfortable loungewear online.




I guess I already mentioned here before that I'm no longer working since Feb 1 this year. I'm not really worried because I'm still receiving enough amount every 15 days for my unemployment insurance. I'm not thinking of working in the summer time but then my previous boss called me this morning and ask me if I'm still interested in working with him. I don't know why I said yes right away hehehe. I love my work but I don't know if we two will go along well. I didn't work with him before and I heard a lot of bad feedback of him. Well, I already said yes. I will just try and earn more money. Anyway, I knew very well my job so I don't think there is a problem...only that I can't enjoy the summer anymore.

Well goodluck to me:-) ....I might start working middle of June. This is a blessing so I have to grab it before I will loss it.

Have a nice day everyone.



Thursday, 19 May 2011


I just realize today that I have too much candles in the house. I just love buying different scents and styles of candles. I was hesitated of buying them before because hubby doesn’t want to have many candles in the house. We always have candle light dinner and we’re using a candle stick which is very dangerous if we leave them unattended. We love to have candle in the table when we have supper so I always check for scented candles in the glass that we can leave it in the table after we finish eating to get rid of the bad smell in the kitchen.

Since I started working, I always buy candles every time I stop by at the candle store. My candle collection is getting more and more that I don’t know where to put them. It’s just that I love looking at them and smell their scent. Next week will be my friend’s birthday. Like me, she’s collecting scented candles too. I’m thinking of buying her a scentsy candle. I’m too lazy to go around different candle store so I will buy scentsy online. It’s safe and hassle free. I’m pretty sure that she will love it and I will buy some for me too.



Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I recieved a text message from my brother asking me to call him as soon as I can. I called him right away this morning and he told me that he needs my help financially because he will undergo a gallbladder surgery this coming Sunday. It really cost him a lot and of course I will help him even though I'm not working but I can find a way to help him. I just hope that he will have a successful operation and no complication.

One thing also that make me sad is, this Sunday will be the Elidance grand show which I will so the belly dance with some other dancer. I will be dancing at the same hour of his operation. So sad :-(

Anyway, I know God is always there and help my brother during the operation. God is good.

Stick that on your power cord!



Monday, 16 May 2011


Well, I guess most of you know what is in the picture. But for those who don't know, this is a full roof size chandelier. I was very impress when I saw this lights and so with the rest of the tourists that visited this place. Too bad, I don't have a big house where I can install this kind of chandelier :-).

I just want to give an update to our basement. All the flooring is done and the closet is done too. The electricity will be done this Wednesday. I'm so looking forward to stay in the basement especially now that summer is coming. If the weather is too warm, we will just stay in the basement because it's cool there and we don't need air condition. I will give you more updates in my next post.

HAPPY MYM to all!




Saturday, 14 May 2011


One of the things I miss in our basement is watching movies. That place serves as my entertainment room. I spent most of my time with my friends there. We did karaoke, watch movie or just simply having a girl talks. But since we are doing the renovation just now, I stop watching movies and karaoke. We can do it here in the living room since we have a big TV and a home theatre but I don’t want to disturb hubby if he’s watching games or news. The basement is almost done. Hubby is working in the floor just now and it will be finish today but I don’t think the TV and home theatre will be install next week. We still have to buy a new LCD TV and we are thinking of doing the TV furniture by ourselves. That means, I can’t watch movie before 3 weeks.

I heard a lot about Netflix Online DVD. Then I told myself, why not try this since I have a big screen computer in our computer room. In that way, I can’t disturb hubby if he’s watching his favourite game. I tried it last night and oh boy, it really works. I’m still using their 1 month trials and I’m pretty sure that I will subscribe Netflix because it’s very affordable and they have all the movies that I want and TV program as well. I don’t need to drive to the DVD rental store. Netflix online DVD is really the best.



Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It's been a while that I'm thinking of switching to FidoCity plan. I'm already a Fido user but my plan is only 100 mins incoming calls and I paid $4 for 25 international text messaging plus a value pack that includes unlimited internet in my mobile, call display with name display, voicemail box, and 2500 mins of call forwarding. Just this morning, I change my plan. I'm now in FidoCity which unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and I have unlimited international text messaging which is very cool. I can text my family anytime unlimited. For only $5 more everymonth, I got all the benefits that I wanted.

To all my friends outside Canada, watch out :-) I can text you now anytime, anywhere :-)



Saturday, 7 May 2011


I'm talking about our basement. Yes, it's almost done. The ceiling in the bedroom is finish and the lights. All left to do is the flooring in the basement. Tomorrow, we will try to do the ceiling in the living room and the flooring will be thursday. Hubby will work Monday to Wednesday so the flooring will be late but I can wait :-) 

The color in the bedroom is little boy blue. It looks like light blue but that's what they call it "little boy blue". In the living room, I choose "wishper white" color. I want to have a light color in the wall because the basement is always  dark and I wanted to have a chocolate brown furniture which will match perfectly. The accessories will be apple green :-) Oh, I can't wait to see it.



Friday, 6 May 2011


I had few warts in my hands and I’m trying to take it out. I bought different wart remover from the pharmacy but it’s not working. Some product reduces the warts but it came back after few weeks. What bother me most is that, they are in my hands and it’s so ugly to look at. I’m very close to give up until my friend told me about Nature Relief instant wart and mole remover. She bought one for her son and she gave the remaining to me to try. Oh boy, it really works. I’m now wart free and my hand looks good. I’m planning to buy one for my mother because she has some wart and lots of mole that she doesn’t like. Since its mother’s day, I will give it to her as my mother’s day gift. I’m sure she will be very happy of my gift.




I decided to buy another domain to my other blogsite. All my blogs before were but now 3 of them are already I have to make sure that I can update all my blogs regularly and I'm sure I can do it since I'm no longer working. I have all my time to blog. I will give you the link of my blog with new domain as soon as it will activate. I think, it will take 1 day to activate it.

For now, I have to go and prepare for supper:-)




I mentioned yesterday about the wall fountain that we will install in the basement. We already found the one we want and hubby’s cousin saw it. They are also renovating their basement and she wanted to have one too but her husband is not sure about it. Their basement is much smaller than what we have and they put a big fireplace that takes most of the space in the basement. Since she really wanted it, her husband suggested to have one but it will be in their living room. I guess it’s a good idea because they stay in the living room most of the time.

The couple know nothing about computer; they ask me to find indoor water fountains for them. I started looking at it last night and I found one that will fit to their living room and the price is very affordable. I showed it to them this morning and they both like it. They told me that they will buy it as soon as possible.




I'm so happy that it's sunny today. The weather forecast yesterday was rain until tomorrow. It was cloudy when I woke up this morning at around 8:30 but it's not raining and just now, it's so sunny :-) I will go for a walk after this...oppss, I guess I have to put the bird feeder first before I will go for a walk. Birds are already coming in the backyard and there are birds also in 3 of the bird houses that hubby install last summer. If they will know that there's a food next to their house, for sure they will come back and stay their always which is good because I can photograph them and who knows, it can be a winning piece :-)

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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Painting in the basement is already finish this morning. All left to do now is the flooring and decoration. We will do the flooring this weekend and then hubby will start making the furniture. Last night, we did the planning for the decoration. We’ve agreed about the bar and the TV furniture. We had a little argument about the color of the furniture but we solved it before we went to the bed. Next to the bar is suppose to be a little photo studio but the place is too small. So we decided to put a wall fountains next to the bar so that it will not be empty in that area. We started checking it online and luckily, we found one. The wall fountain that we are eyeing is very elegant and very affordable price.

I’m looking forward to see our finish basement.



Tuesday, 3 May 2011


My Tita (Aunt) passed away last May 1.

Thank you for everything Tita. We will miss you. May you rest well now with our Almighty Father..Goodbye Tita.

A prayer for you:

Oh loving God, I pray you to welcome Aunt into heaven with you. Forgive them their sins
and reward them their goodness. Grant that I may be with them again
in your Peaceful presence.



Monday, 2 May 2011


(Photo taken yesterday in the bike trail when I had a walk with friends)

It's been a while that I decided to buy a domain for this blog. Actually, I already bought a domain in this blog but unfortunately, it expires and I was not able to renew it. Godaddy kepts on sending me a notice but it's very rare that I open my hotmail. Three of my blogsite with domains were expired I didn't recover one of them. I had a big regret but it's too late. I ignore all my blogs since then until I decided to blog back. So now, I just bought a new domain for this blog :-) I'm so happy that finally I got what I wanted.

Smiling Sally