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Monday, 19 January 2009


Do you believed in the saying “it’s better to give than to receive”? Me? Yes, I believed it. I admit that I will be happy and appreciate if I receive something especially from my love ones but still I prefer to give especially to the less fortunate. I’m glad that hubby and I have the same attitude. He always gives and donates something to the charity. Before he knew me, he used to send boxes to one of the charity in Cebu, Philippines. He used to send books, school supply, clothes and toys. He stopped it after we get married. Instead of sending it to that charity, he sent it to our church in Bohol, Philippines. Now that I’m here living with him, we stop sending it to the church because the sick children need more than the church. My sister is working in German Doctor’s Hospital in Bukidnon, Philippines. She told me that the kids there need good clothes and toys. So we send them toys, clothes and school supplies. We also send them some DVD for kids. They were very happy when they received the first box. It’s not only the kids that were happy but also the staff of the hospital. Since then, we use to send them box once a year. What we did here is we collect unused toys of the kids we know and DVD that they’re not longer watching and we put it in the box and send it to the sick children as soon as the box will be full. It’s really a nice feeling if you know that you make others happy in the little thing that they received.

You too can help the less fortunate by giving your used clothes, used house items or even an actual vehicle. If you have old car that you’re not using anymore but still working, then maybe you can give it away. You can donate it to the Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania. All you need to do is call them and they will pick up within 24 hours. Philadelphia Red Cross Car Donation will be given to the individuals in the Philadelphia area that simply don’t have a vehicle that struggle to get around town or head to a job. This will be a big help for them.



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