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Tuesday, 29 November 2011


We have freezing rain just now. Oh boy! I hate it. I almost had an accident last week while driving to work. It was snowing and the road was so slippery. Hubby told me to use the 4 wheels drive but I didn't coz I thought it was okey. Good thing I was able to control the stirring wheel.

I told hubby a while ago to just drop me at work instead of driving coz I'm so afraid now but I don't want. He wanted me to drive carefully's a good practice ..well, goodluck to me :-)

Drivers, drive safely!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


We will be celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary two year from now. We were planning to spend that special day in Hong Kong where we first met and got married. We will stay in the same hotel and in the same room. Sound cool, isn’t it? We wanted to go back on the first day we met until we got married. Visit to the places where we been before and of course spend time visiting places that we never been. I’m so looking forward to this day but hubby’s family can’t spend time with us. They wanted to but they found it too far which is really true. Maybe some of my family can celebrate with us since it’s only 2 hours by plane from where we live to Hong Kong.

We really wanted to have hubby’s family with us so we plan to have a trip in France. I guess it’s a good idea since it’s my childhood dream to visit Paris. The whole family is going and so with my in-laws. We’ve checked the hotel and it cost us a fortune if we will stay in there. My sister-in-law suggested staying in a fully furnished apartment where we can have room for everyone. We’ve checked the vacation rentals paris and we found a very affordable price in a very spacious apartment. Everything is perfect for all of us.

If you plan to stay for a week or two in France, try to check the vacation rentals paris for a place to stay. You can save some money and enjoy the vacation to the max.



Monday, 21 November 2011


Finally, the bar in our basement is already finish. It took us a while to finish the whole basement because as I said in my previous entry, it's only hubby doing it with my help. He's not a professional carpenter but he can do carpenting job just in our house. I'm so lucky to have him because everytime I want something that needs carpenting, he will do it and I don't need to pay :-)

It took us 8 months to finish the basement with the bar. There are still little touch up to do but it can stay like the way it is until January. What is important now is we can have my early christmas party with my Filipino friends this coming Dec 3.

I made the design of the bar and hubby made it to reality. We are so happy with the outcome of our project. Honestly, I really like our bar. We did all the frame of the cap-board and the counter. The glass under the counter is the glass from the old shower that hubby had many years ago. It was in the basement so I told hubby why not use it and save $200.

We tried to clean the glass and take some of the soap scum. We put some cleaning stuff and we were able to get rid of the soap scum. We were so happy that we were able to reuse it.

As you can see, the lights of the two photos are different. It's because the lights change color depending on how you program the system. Hubby paid $300 just for the lights. I didn't expect he will spend that much just for the lights. It was really my plan to have a light like that but I didn't ask him because I know it's to way expensive and he already spent more than $10, 000 for the basement repair. But I was so happy when he told me that he already order the lights with remote control.

All in all, I love my basement :-) I call it my basement because it's me who spend more time in the basement and hubby spend more time in the living room. The basement is my style and the living room is his style:-)


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I'm talking about our little bar in our's almost done. It takes us a while to finish completely the basement because we didn't hire a carpenter. 90% of the work was done by my husband. Some friends and relative did help which we really appreciated. Hopefully we can finish the bar before the end of this week and too bad we can't put up some extra lighting because it came out to be very expensive. When hubby asked the guy how much it cost for him to have extra lighting, the guy told him $200+ but when hubby give the exact dimension, it went up to $500! It's too much. We will just leave it like it is and maybe we will find a cheaper lights for the bar..

I will post the photo here as soon as it's all done


Thursday, 3 November 2011


One of my co-worker talks about the accessories that she’s using every time she meditates. At first, I really don’t understand what that accessories looks like. She explains to me but I’m not really familiar with it. She really wanted me to try it because she knows that I have so much stress at work. She gave me Tibetan Singing Bowls as a birthday gift. I like it, the looks, but still didn’t know what’s the significant in that bowl. She explained me again and then I tried at home. It really works. Now I understand why she really wanted me to use it. The sound of the singing bowl makes me feel so relax, very peaceful and gives me a very calming sensation in my body. This thing is very useful to those people who have stress and don’t have peace of mind. This will help rejuvenate the mind and being, giving them a feeling of joy, satisfaction and inner peace.

I want to try the Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs too. I will buy them soon as a Christmas gift for me.