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Sunday, 18 January 2009


One more week and it's Winter Carnaval. It's one of the most awaiting activity here in Quebec City. There will be a lot of activities and the most interesting part is the International Ice Sculpture Contest. Sculptures from different country will show their best sculpture. I'm sure this year will be very nice because the weather is colder than last year. There were lots of ice sculpture that collaped last year due to the warm temperature. I'm looking forward on this festival.

Yesterday, I was in the mall with my friend while hubby was having his coffee at starbucks. We were in the middle of our shopping when my cellphone rang and it was hubby just to tell me that Bonne Homme Carnaval was there in from of the pharmacy. We hurriedly went there and the staff of the carnaval that were there with bonne homme asked me if I want to take a picture of bonne homme. Then I said yes. She told bonne homme that I want to take a picture. I took my camera and tried to take a picture of him but bonne homme told me to give my camera to the staff and have a picture with him. I was so happy because I love him like a kid. In my 5 years here in Quebec, I never miss a year with bonne homme. Every year, I have a picture with him. We already planned to check the schedule of the visit of bonne homme and place. We didn't know that he was there yesterday. I already have a picture with him this year. I will be okey for the rest of the winter :-) Picture above was taken yesterday at the mall with my love bonne homme:-)



SearchingWellness 20 January 2009 at 11:50  

Heard Quebec City is really beautiful. Hanggang Montreal lang kasi ako. Interesting blog. Can we exchange links?