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Saturday, 30 June 2007


The day went so fast for me and hubby. We woke up 9:00 in the morning. It’s so nice to be in your bed after the 3 weeks sleeping in the motorhome. Though the bed in the motorhome is so comfortable but still it’s feels great to be in your own bed. We took our breakfast in the resto as we always do every weekend. After the breakfast, we went home and put the seeds for the grass. We two feel lazy after the trip hehehehe but we can’t run away with our works here in the house that needs to be done before the end of the summer. We decided to stop the work after lunch and we went to the mall for a coffee and have shop for the shirts of my hubby. The afternoon went fast. We attended the mass at 4:00 pm (for Sunday mass). Then have our dinner here and then rest, watch TV. I was really surprise because hubby asks me if I want to have an ice cream ha ha ha ha. He doesn’t want me to eat lots of ice cream because I gain weight now. I ate lots of ice cream in the camping. They used to call me MISS ICE CREAM hehehhehehhehe. We just arrived for the ice cream shop. Oh… so good!

Well, I have to go now….I just want to wish you all a HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 29 June 2007


Hi guys! I’m back from our 3 weeks vacation in Ottawa, Canada. I was really enjoying our vacation. We went to Fitzroy, Ontario and we slept 1 night at Fitzroy Provincial Park. The next day, we drove all the way to Petawawa, Ontario. 4 hours in the road. It’s tiring but we really don’t mind. The road was so nice and the view was very cool. We took the Trans-Canadian Road that’s why it took long but we really don’t have any regret. It really worth to drive that long if the view is so nice. We arrived 3:00 pm in the camping. The name of the camping is Black Bear Camping and Beach Resort. It is part of the Canadian Forces Base. We stayed 3 nights in that camping. I really want to stay more night but our schedule was so tight. We drove 5 hours to Kingston from Petawawa. It was a long drive but we made lots of stops in some places and took some pictures. We arrived at Rideau Acres Camping late in the afternoon. The camping is so big. We stayed 4 nights. The weather was so nice so we really enjoy in the camping. And then, we drove 30 minutes to the 1000 island. There we stayed 1 week. We stayed at Ivy Lea KOA Campground. The rate was quite expensive but the stay was really good. We pay 65$ per night in the camping but it really worth to pay that amount. We services were so perfect. 2 big swimming pool, spa is free, high speed wireless internet is free, movies are free in the movie lounge with free pop corn or ice cream floats every night. Every other day, they give a free hotdog party to all the campers. There are lots of games for the kids with a exciting prizes. It was really a wonderful stay in Ivy Lea KOA Campground. During our stay in KOA, we went for a boat tour from Gananaque to New York State. We were very lucky on that day. In the morning, there was a forecast of thunder storm but the sky was so clear so we decided to go for the boat tour. It was really nice and so with the weather. It was a 3 hrs tour. When we went off the boat, we went to the boutique and bought my collections. And then we walked around the city. And after we’re done everything, the rain started with the thunder. We called right away the guy that drove us to the boat. He arrived after 10 minutes. When we arrived in the camping, the rain stop and the sun came out. We went to the spa for 20 minutes and then to the swimming pool. After an hour, we went back to the motorhome. We prepared foods for dinner. Then we saw lots of people going to the spa. After a few minutes, big rain started hahahahhaha we were very lucky. The one week stay in the camping was over so we drove back to Quebec. We stayed to nights at Camping Alouette close to Montreal. Our friend visited us in the camping. It was very nice though but I was not able to take some pictures because of our visitors. We don’t have time to go around. Then our last camping was in Camping Laurier. We only stayed 1 night instead of 2 because there was a big rain in the night and we call our friend who look for the house, he said that there was a big rain also in our place. We were very worried maybe something wrong happen in the house. We arrived yesterday night and thanks God, everything is okey here.

I want to show with you all the photos that we took. Just click the name of the camping to see the pictures.

Fitzroy Provincial Park

Black Bear Camping and Beach Resort

Rideau Acres Camping

1000 Island/ Ivy Lea KOA Campground

1000 Island Boat Tour

Camping Aloutte


Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Because of the rain today, we didn’t work outside and it’s a good thing for us because we have a good rest. We been around the city, been to the mall and of course, shopping (it’s a woman’s best friend hehehe).

But yesterday is another big day to us. Though there was a light rain but we’re still working outside. I washed the motorhome while he did the final coating of the base of the house. And after all the work we did, we went to the ice cream house. Oh boy! I really love ice cream. No more diet for me hehehhehehe.

huh! it took me 2 hrs just to wash the motorhome

ice cream time after the work hehhehe i love ice cream


Monday, 4 June 2007


1.) My laptop ( i always have my laptop everywhere i go..)

2.) My Digital Camera ( infact, my digital camera and my laptop always with me. It
should be #1 to but i can't put 2 things in #1 hehhehe)

3.) My handbag with my wallet inside, my 2 celfone ( the roaming and my local celfon.
..but my roaming is more important to me than in my local celfon because my
family in philippines always send me text message in my roaming fon), my lipbalm,
face powder and comb..hehhehe it's all girl things

4.) My IPOD...i love music but too bad that the music don't love me :-( ..yah i
always have my IPOD with me especially if i go for a walk..all the songs are
from filipino artist

5.) Watching my favorite tv show GILMORE GIRLS...

Im tagging Eden, Joyce, Agring, Irel and Ethyl



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Saturday, 2 June 2007


It’s been a week now that I’m trying to change the template of my other blogsite. But I was desperate because I was not able to make it perfect. I kept on trying and trying. I surf for the best template and finally, I found one and it is so easy to change the banner. I’m so happy!

Try to visit Caroland’s Breathtaking Adventure. I hope you will like my new design.


Friday, 1 June 2007


It’s another big day today. We did a lot of work outside. I finished planting my flowers and my husband put fertilizer in the land and ready to put the seed for the grass. He finished the first coating of paint in the concrete base of the house because we will repaint the house after our trip and that would be next month. We need to paint the concrete before I will put my flowers in front of the window. We really did a good job today. We also cut the grass in the backyard. Hubby was doing a lot today so I cooked him his favourite foods. He loves fried rice so I cooked some. I call this GAGIERS SPECIAL FRIED RICE because this is my own recipe. Here I will share to you my recipe:

2 cups brown rice
2 tablespoon EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

1 medium chop onion

1 cup Hot dog cut into small p
1 cup Bacon cut into small pieces
1 can of mixed vegetable
1 cup chicken cut into small pieces

1 cup shrimps

Oyster sauce (enough to taste)

Bovril Chicken Bouillon Concentrate (enough to taste)

Club House Vegetable Seasoning


• Cook the rice as directed

• In a big pan, put the EVOO and chop onion

• Put the chicken and shrimps until it turn to brown

• Then put the bacon and hotdog , leave it until it’s cook

• Then put the rice mix it with the rest of the ingredients until it turn to brown

• Serve hot and enjoy