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Friday, 23 September 2011


I'm not so sure if today is the first day of falls or yesterday :-) All I know is it's already falls. I'm so excited now that it's already Fall season because I know that after Falls, it's WINTER - my favourite season. Most of my friends said that I'm crazy for liking winter while all of them hates it....

I'm looking forward to photograph the trees that changes colors. Quebec is one of the place that know to have a nice trees during falls. We been to the chalet two weeks ago and the trees already started to change the colours and hubby was there last weekend too. He told me that it's not yet fully change. Tomorrow, we will be going to my friend's place (in the forest). I'm so excited to see my filipina friends and take a walk in the forest. And of course, I will tag with me my camera :-)