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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


One of my favorite place in our house is the basement. On the very first day I step in this house, I don't know why, I already fall in love in the place. It was just a simple basement with lots of storage room and carpeted floor. I installed my little office there (though we have one upstair) where I can study when I was still taking my french course. Then I started to change the arrangement and install my home theater. I started to invite friends and did karaoke. Hubby found it interesting that made him decide to renovate the basement. It took us almost a year to finish renovating. Hubby did the work by himself. He took out the storage room and converted to a bar, took out the carpet and change the wall. I really love my new basement that I call it "my hiding place". We already had few parties here but the most enjoyable party we had was last saturday during hubby's birthday. We're only 9 person but we really had fun. Too much is crowded...that what happened on my last birthday. We had 27 visitors plus me and hubby. We were able to accommodate all of them. It was a nice party but with not too much guest is better. We had karaoke and everybody was able to sing without a long waiting. 

But the best part of the night was the lighting:-) My hiding place turned to a disco bar for the night :-) As you can see in the ceiling, it's a sound synchronize colorful light. I really like it and I'm looking forward to the next party.


Thursday, 11 October 2012


Oh boy, I really had a hard time waking up early this morning. I been waking up too late since I took my 5 days off. I was back at work today and I need to woke up early to prepare. I set my alarm clock at 7:00 in the morning but I didn't get up at 7:00 hehehe . I extended to 7:30 and then took a quick shower. My time was so tight but good thing I arrived at work on time:-)

I will start again soon tomorrow but for sure I will get up as soon as my alarm clock will ring. I have to...I need to. Next week will back to my normal working hours, long day at work until we can find another full time worker that I can share my hours.



Wednesday, 10 October 2012


My 5 days off is over. I will go back to work tomorrow until friday and then next week will be back to my normal working hours. It feels so great having 5 days rest. I didn't do much on that long period of time. I just stayed home most of the time, watching movies and working in my computer. I been out with friends two days in a row. I did enjoy that two days spending with my friends but I enjoyed most spending time alone in the house.

I tried to clean up my 22, 838 thousand photos in my laptop but I end up doing nothing. I don't know what to do and where to start. It's very discouraging. I was browsing in the net on how to file photos, I found some but I still have to study it. I took out all my picture from my computer and I transferred them to my portable hard drive. In that way, it gives lots of space in my computer.

While browsing in the net, I found an interesting site about Facebook timeline cover. It's very cool. I know that 90% of the people around the universe have facebook account. You can click their website if you want to change your timeline cover. I'm sure you will love it.



Saturday, 6 October 2012


I was watching "WISH KO LANG" a reality show of GMA 7 in Philippines this morning. I'm not a regular viewer of the show but sometimes I watch it if I remember. I wanted to watch movie but with no reason, I open my computer and watch the show.

The first episode was about the teacher to celebrate the teacher's day. I was touched on how she helps the kids despite of her health condition. But what made me cry was the second episode. It was about a 16 years old boy whose father left him when he was still very young. Inspite of what his father done not only to him and to his mother but to his grandfather too, he didn't feel bad to about him. He's still hoping that one day, they will meet and experience to have a father.

Before his grandfather died, he wished to see his son (the father of the boy) for the last time. The boy emailed the said show hoping to grant his grandfather's wish. The grandfather died without seeing or even talking to his son in the phone. The crew of the show were looking for the father of the boy and luckily, they found him before the burial of the grandfather. The most touching scene was when he arrived at the wake of the father. It's normal that he cried with all the regrets for not seeing his father but what really make me cry is when I saw the boy crying when he saw his father. I can imagine my nephew. He didn't see his father since birth. We don't want to talk about his father but he knows the story about his him. He already ask us once when he was still 9 years old. He's now 18 years old and I wonder if he ask his mother about his father. He don't have his biological father but he has lots of father in our family. We all treat him as our little brother.


Monday, 1 October 2012


My MacBook Pro is now in OS X Mountain Lion. At first, I don't want to update it because I didn't know what's new in it and do I need it? Hubby gave me Apple TV last week and when I make it work,  I like it. I can watch movie from netflex, rent movies from App Store and listen music from my iTunes. That's all the apple tv can do and I thought I can watch my teleserye that I use to watch from my computer but I can't. 

( the power of OS X Mountain Lion with the Apple TV)

Then hubby told me to update my laptop to OS X Mountain Lion. I did and wow! I can use the big tv as a screen of my computer without connecting my computer to the tv. I love the idea of watching my pinoy teleserye in the big screen:-)

In the photo above, my laptop is 10 feet away from the TV. The cable that you see in the side of the TV is the HDMI cable from the apple tv to the tv for the image. I don't have long cable so I was not able to hide it at the back of the wall like all other cable  :-) Hubby will be here next week, so he will fix all the cable and hide it hehehe. I really love it. Last weekend, I did nothing but watched movie the whole day.