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Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Ever since I was a kid, it’s already my dream to have a beautiful and sexy smile. I love to hear good compliments from other people. To be honest, I always heard people telling me that I have a very friendly face and I agree with them. I’m very friendlyJ. They kept on telling me that my eyes tell everything. I have a very expressive eyes and I really know that. That’s what I always heard but what I want to hear from them is if I have a sexy smile. Nobody is telling me that aside from my hubby. Well, he’s my hubby, what can I expect? I’m not ashamed to tell you that some of my teeth before were damage and now I have false teeth but not all. But still, I have some good teeth and I want to keep it white and healthy so that it looks like my false teeth. I been trying to use teeth whitening paste and it has a little improvement. I’m dying to have a smile like a celebrity and I’m so excited about it. My dream is close to be granted now because I have a celebrity sexy white coupon to get 20$ off of celebrity sexy white ultra whitening smile enhancer. I’m sure this will be a big help for me for my dream to have a celebrity sexy smile.