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Thursday, 11 December 2008


Two more weeks and it's Christmas. But until now, we still didn't buy any gifts for our love ones. We already have some idea on what to give to them. Maybe we will buy some tomorrow. And I know what I will give to my hubby too. I'm just waiting that he's not with me if I will buy his gift. I'm so excited now to buy it. I know he's not expecting this gift but I'm sure he will love it. I don't know what he will give to me. He never ask me any suggetion yet. Usually, he always ask me suggestions so that he will have any idea on what to buy for me. But this year, he never ask me :-( We will just see what I will get he he he



NovaS 12 December 2008 at 12:49  

mao jud sis.. parehas tag gibati ani super ka excited pud akong kalag dre.. hehehehe... pero mingaw kay layo kos akong pamilyanes... nagmug-ot nlng akong kewong noon dah.. makamingaw ning imong article.. hehehehe

naa ko tag nimo here: