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Wednesday, 24 December 2008


If you go to the grocery store or supermarket, would you bring reusable bag with you? I always bring my reusable bag with me everytime I go for my grocery. In this way, I can help our mother earth away from pollution. There are still lots of grocery store that are using plastic bags and paper bags. If you go to the grocery store, the cashiers always ask you whether you want plastic bags or paper bags. And people wants paper bags because they think paper bags are better than plastic bag. In that sense, they are right because you can recycle the paper bags but they didn’t realise that the production of paper bags causes 70% more pollution than plastic bags. The only way we can save our mother earth from pollution is to use reusable bags. By using this, you save a lot. You save the environment, the trees, the water, the air and most of all your family. Start using reusable bags now. has more choices of non-woven polypropylene eco friendly bags. They also offer a large selection of custom bags where you can put or print your own logo. You can choose different colors too depending on your taste. They have everything you need.

Be friendly to your mother earth by using reusable bags.