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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Yes, it's snowing so hard today. I guess we have 35cm of snow. Good thing that it's not windy, if so, there would be lots of accident. I had my course this morning only because my nun professor was afraid that she might not be able to go back to the convent because of the big snow falls. I was so happy because I can rest at home and watch my favorite show in the tv. But instead of watching my show, I slept the whole afternoon. I had a very bad headache. I woke up 5pm and so with hubby. So we just went to the restaurant for our dinner.

We went to the mall after to check for the gifts. We stayed a couple of minutes at starbucks because they give everything for free as their pre opening promotion. So nice! Imagine, everything is free. You can even take caffee many times and they even gave a pack of coffee. We had 5 big packs of coffee he he he. Well, who will say no to the free? he he he