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Saturday, 20 December 2008


An American company offer a job to my hubby. The salary is good and there are lots of benefits. They offer free accommodation, a car and allowance for foods and a round trip ticket for me if I want to stay with him or a round trip ticket for him every 3 months to visit me if I want to stay home. Hubby is very tempted in their offer. It’s really a good deal but the problem is I’m not covered in his health care. I don’t want to stay home without him and he wants me to go with him too. So we are thinking of buying a good medical plan for me. We’re looking for an affordable medical plan. We found some that is very affordable but it will not cover everything. I want to have a medical plan that will also cover vision and dental. We’ve check online and we found what we are looking for. We found Ameriplan. It’s a medical and dental plan. This is what I’m looking for. It is very affordable and they have lots of package that you can choose depending on your needs. Hubby is thinking of buying Ameriplan for me. In this way, I will be safe in my stay in United States.