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Sunday, 7 December 2008


It’s been a while that I was thinking of putting up a business in Philippines. But it’s really hard especially if you are not there. I want my mom to manage it but she’s already old and I don’t want that she will get tired of managing the business and will lead her to sickness. Last night, I was thinking of having a business again. I talked to my hubby this morning and he asks me what kind of business I would love. I told him to have a piggery business. My mom already has some pigs and I want to invest more on that. In a piggery business, it needs to be in a place far from the residence area. Though people have pig in their place but the municipality allow them to have some if it’s less than 10 pigs. Dad has a nice land in a remote area. It would be a perfect place but the problem is there’s no water in that area. So it means that I need to have a couple of big tank for the water. And I guess this will work. Hubby offers me an amount for a start. I know it’s not enough and I don’t want to ask him more than his offer. My friend from Ohio suggests me to try this Online Payday Loans. I checked their website and I said to myself that I finally found the solution of my problem. When I go through their website, I found out that they provide their customers the quickest online lending services and they will give you the answer the same business day so that their customers can have the money on time. It’s really great for me because I want to have this business before the end of this year. I guess I’m in the right track now and my friend is right. I'm so thankful too to my friend for introducing this to me. She also tried the Ohio Payday Loans and she was very thankful to it because it helped her a lot.



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