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Sunday, 7 December 2008


How are you guy? I'm sorry I was not able to update my blog for the past few days. I'm so honest with you, I'm so busy with my spring rolls (lumpia). Orders are coming in everyday and they are all pushing me because they want to serve it for their christmas party. I already did 200 dozens and I still have 20 dozens to do and to be deliver this week. I hope there will be no order to come tomorrow...just for tomorrow for me to have a rest. Until now, we're not done cleaning the house. Still have the basement to do and here in the computer room.

Hubby feel pity to me so he decided to buy me this H2O map. It really helps me. I already started using this in our wood floor and it cleans perfectly. This is good for the carpet also so I guess I will use this to clean the basement because the bedroom and the living room in the basement are all carpeted floor and so with the floor here in the computer room. If there will be no order for tomorrow, then I will start cleaning the basement and the computer room using this H2O map. This will do a great job.

I already recieved 2 early christmas gift from hubby..infact, it's already 3 hehehehe I bought me a new microwave oven and an adjustible tripod for my small camera that I can put in my handbag. Its a 5 inches tripod that can be adjusted to 6 feet long. I really like it because it's very handy. I can bring it if I will go for a walk with my camera.

I guess I have to end this now. I still have to finish my spring rolls...