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Sunday, 7 December 2008


I talked to my brother few days ago in the telephone and he gave me some suggestion for his Christmas gift. Wow! He wants a lot he he he. Too bad I can’t give him all but for sure I will give him a nice one that I know he will love it. I know my brother and I know what he wants. He used to buy some stuff from LA Police Gear and I don’t know if he still buying them. I’m sure he is saving now for his second baby that will be born anytime this month. I know that family is his priority.

He helped me a lot before when I was still in Philippines so I guess it’s my time now to give him something back as a gift for his kindness to me. I guess Blackhawk Gear is a great idea for his gift. I'm sure he will like it. I’m so excited now to give his gift.