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Sunday, 7 December 2008


Oh I'm so happy that we did 12 dozen of spring rolls in 2 hours. We're done for tonight and still have to do more tomorrow for the remaining 8 dozens to complete the 20 dozens that I need to deliver this week. In my post a while ago, I was hoping that there will be no order that will come tomorrow but I was wrong, I just recieved an email asking for 4 dozen of vegetable lumpia (spring rolls) and she wants it for her party this coming friday. Oh my! I thought I can have a rest tomorrow but I don't think I can. I have to do as much as I can tomorrow because I have my course wednesday and maybe thursday we will go to Montreal. Christmas is very close now and we're not done yet wrapping the gifts and it's not complete. We still need to buy more gifts for my in-laws. To tell you, we're always in a rush this past few weeks. We really need to relax even just a day. I'm so greatful that hubby is always here to help me doing the rolls.



NovaS 8 December 2008 at 08:10  

Te Carol.. mustamos? may pa sya oh..daghay sideline..

wondering lang ko.. naghatag napud ang google ug PR noh? naa naman ni PR imong page dre.. nice.. hay ako wa jud oi.. kiat jud ning G ba hehehhe...

aper ta sis, wa pa jud mi mahuman pamalit saon akong bana langayan jud kaayo, then gusto nya kami duha mag wrap sa mga gifts... whoaa naa jud koy ka-competensya dre diay... hahaha