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Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Yes, that's right. I'm tita again. My sister-in-law (the wife of my younger brother) give birth to a cute baby girl today (dec. 17, 2008). Too bad the baby didn't wait tomorrow so that she will have the same birthday to her big sister. Anyway, they can celebrate their birthday together :-). I'm so happy for them . I'm so excited to see the new member of the family now.

I'm glad also that the mother and the baby are both safe though they she only gave birth in the house. It's not yet in the expected due date that's why they were not able to prepare. She didn't had labor and when she felt pain it takes only a few minutes and the baby came out. My brother was at work and it happen too fast so they were not able to bring her in the hospital. Good thing that somebody were there to help her giving birth and the midwife arrived too to cut the biblical cord. Everything goes fine with her and the baby. They both happy because they save 25,000 pesos for the hospital. The baby is so nice with her parents..she's really an angerl

This is a very nice christmas gift to them and to the family..WELCOME TO THE FAMILY BABY GIRL... sorry I don't know the name of the baby he hehe.



irel 18 December 2008 at 09:35  

Congrats maam. As for me? i don't know when I am going to be a Tita. My brother is not yet married and no babies yet with his g-f~! Congrats and Happy Holidays:)