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Friday, 12 December 2008


I finally finished doing all the order of lumpia last night. This is what I'm waiting for :-) We can relax now. Go to wherever we want without rushing ourselves and going out with friends. This morning, we went to the mall in Ste-Foy because hubby wants to have his picture done for his souvenir book. While he's doing his stuff, I went shopping with my friend. We really enjoy in our 3 hours in the mall taking pictures and going around to check some girly stuff he he he. It was snowing hard but it doesn't stop us to enjoy ourselves and not stuck in the house. But when we arrived home, there was a big surprise waiting for us he he he he. It's the driveway with 3 feet of snow. We just park the car in the street and clean the driveway.

Photo below were taking this morning at the mall.