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Thursday, 18 December 2008


My friend has a little restaurant in the little village here. She’s serving a good breakfast typically Quebecoise. The restaurant is always full every time I go there. They said that the breakfast is so good and affordable. There’s not much customer at lunchtime but at dinner time, it’s full again. Most of her costumers are from the neighbourhood. But there are some that stop there to eat like tourists and travellers. Though they serve good foods, people are still complaining because this little restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards. We all know that most of the people today live with credit cards. She started to get worried about their complaints. She doesn’t want to accept credit cards because she’s afraid that she will have to spend a lot on it. Most of her costumers were not coming there anymore. Her revenue is affected too much and the business is getting slow. I really feel pity to her. She’s a single mom and she really needs this business for the future of her son. I help her to solve her problem. Good thing that we found Merchant Advisor. As we go through on their website, we found out that they have the best credit card processing solution. And the good thing is they will give the first month free and if you’re not satisfied with their services, you can cancel anytime without cancellation fee. They also give the credit card machine for free, gift card kit that includes card supply for free and free terminal replacement program. Because the restaurant is getting slow, my friend need money to bring back her business. With Merchant Advisor, she can also apply for a restaurant loans. To apply this loan is very easy and quick and no collateral required.

My friend is so happy and excited now to have her business back. Goodluck to you my friend.