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Friday, 19 December 2008


I’ve already talk to my mom about my plan of having a business in Philippines which is a piggery. She said it’s a good business. So I said I will go for it since mom already stopped her little piggery. I have a nice place for this business. I already started working with it. Now, hubby is thinking of opening a business here. We’ve already discussed what kind of business we will have. We have lots of alternative and we might be probably taking a franchising business. But until now, we still have to think very carefully about this. We don’t want to make a move that we are not sure and we don’t want to take a risk. We studied very carefully on which franchise opportunity is right for us. We’ve ask some assistance to our friends that have this kind of business. We also ask the opinion of our family but they don’t have any idea about this kind of business. One of our friend advices told us about MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network. We tried to check their site and we read very carefully. As we go through their site, we found out that we are in the right place. They are what we are looking for to help us find which is the best t franchises for us and give us some tips on buying franchise business. Hubby is so happy after reading their site and he is very excited now to have his own franchising business.