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Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Give love on Christmas day is a very popular Christmas song. As it says in the song, we have to give more love not only in Christmas day but every day. We have to share the blessing that we received to the needy like giving donation to the charity. In this way, we’re not only sharing our blessing but we also help them. I already gave a donation in one of the charity here in our place. I gave a certain amount once a year to this charity. It’s so nice feeling if you know that you were able to make them happy and help them in your own little way.

One way of helping a charity is to join the San Francisco Fundraising. As a fundraiser, you will receive compensation for your fundraising effort. 10% of the donation will come back to you. And not only that, Hotflier has two additional way for you as a member to earn extra income through their own Member Affiliate program and by adding supporting sponsors to your hotlist page.

If you want to be a fundraiser team of Hotflier, just visit San Francisco Fundraising and join their remarkable fundraising community. To be a member is so easy, just sign up in the membership page. It’s as easy as that. What are you waiting for? Join now.