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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I didn't have enough rest since I arrived from Edmonton. I just slept one night in my bed and then drove to Montreal the next day. I stayed there for 2 days and 3 nights. When I came back home, I did some lumpiang shanghai that needs to deliver the next day. Oh my! I have 73 dozen to do and I only did 24 dozen as of now. I still have 49 dozen left to do. But I think I will need a break tomorrow. I will do some but not all day. The weather forecast for this week is sunny and warm. So I guess I will go for a walk tomorrow. I think I deserve it :-)

Anyway, though I'm tired today but I'm also happy because I delivered 18 dozen today and I received $108 just for today...isn't that cool??

This is also the reason why I didn't update my blogs. Don't worry, I will visit your blogs as soon as I will finish my lumpiang shanghai..