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Friday, 26 September 2008



1. Are you still close to your childhood friends? How have those friendships changed?
We are not close now but we are still friend. Everything changed after our Elementary graduation. I took my secondary school in CDO and she took hers in another city very far from where I am. Until then, we didn't have communication in any source. 10 years without communication but we still think of each other. I use to ask her mom about her and she use to ask my mom too. She is now a successful business woman as I knew from her family. So I searched her in the internet and I saw her name and when I click it, it's not her. It's another person that happen to have the same name and family name of her. I was really disappointed but one day I saw her name in my inbox. I read it and I answer her checking if she is really my friend. She answer me back and she was laughing. Yah she is. She saw my website and she said she was very last she found me for her long search too :-) Now, we're back as a close friend.
2. Do you think online friendships can be as close as IRL friends? Why or why not?
It depend. I have a close online friend just now. We never meet in person yet but we feel that we are old friends.
3. A lot of people think that marital problems should stay private. While sometimes that might be true, I don’t think it is always so. Sometimes you just need to talk it out with a friend. What is your feeling on the subject?
Just now, I don't have that marital problems that I really need to talk to a friend to lighten up my burden. We always keep our problem private because just now, our problems is just because of a little thing. But I know a friend here they really have a big marital problem. And she needs to talk to a friend to seek an advice because her husband hurt her physically. If it will happen to me, for sure, I will need to talk to a friend for help.
4. Have you ever felt betrayed by a friend? Were you able to work through it or did it end the friendship?
As far as I know, no. It never happen to me.
5. Do you have friends from days past that you wish were still in your life?
Yah. He was my childhood friend. When we were in grade 2, they move to another place and we never see each other since then but we kept on sending letter. When we were already teens, he came back and we just spent fews days and he died. If he's still alive, I'm sure he will be happy of where I am now.


Nita 26 September 2008 at 18:58  

Hi sis, agi lang ko. Musta na?

Have a great weekend!