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Friday, 5 September 2008


I really don't know what happen to me today. I really feel strange and I don't know why. Hubby wakes up 5:30 every morning prepare himself and have his breakfast in the lobby of the hotel where they serve the breakfast for free. Usually, I sleep back when he leaves the room. But this morning, I was not able to sleep back. I feel strange so I open my laptop and check my emails. I feel better when I chat my friend in Quebec. But we have to stop because I need to eat my breakfast. Since then, I feel lonely. Since I arrived here, this is the first time that I feel lonely. I will be back in Quebec next week Sept 9. I think, I miss my home, my flowers, my bed and especially the kitchen. I miss cooking. Though we are in the suite room (with a kitchenette and a separate living room from the bed room) but all we have is a ref and a microwave. I can't cook. I really miss it. I don't feel to eat in the restaurant's so expensive! I'm looking forward to be home. I still have 4 days to go before my flight. Good thing that hubby change his mind, he will take a day off this Sunday and we can be together in that day. Well, I think, I have to go now. I will to go to the spa maybe this will help.