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Tuesday, 23 September 2008


This is a nice topic since we are talking about summer:-) Well, here are the 10 great things that happen to me this summer.
  1. For the first time I visited the Canadian Mountain Rockies with hubby. We spent 4 days only because hubby is still working the next day.
  2. For the first time I visited Alberta, Canada. I was there for 3 weeks and visited lots of places in Edmonton.
  3. For the first time I meet in person my online friend who happen to be the wife of the nurse of my dad when he was still alive.
  4. I got this new laptop given by hubby. It's HP again but this time it's 17 inches high definition with blue ray. I love it:-)
  5. We put more flowers in the front of our house and finally, the grass is already grown and nice.
  6. We visited places in Quebec that I never been before.
  7. We celebrated my birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary in New York.
  8. For the first time I drove in the freeway(highway) alone for 3 hours non-stop. I felt scared when I entry the freeway but then once I'm already there, everything when fine.
  9. We been for fishing..
  10. Finally, we finished the renovation in the stairway going to the basement.