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Monday, 2 February 2009


If you remember in my previous post that I said that I had a mix feeling of excitement and scared, well i guess it's the right time now to tell you what is this all about. January 23 this year, hubby and I went to Jeans Depot to check if they have a good quality of winter globes for hubby and unfortunately, hubby don't like the one they have so we went out the store. On our way out, we saw a paper in the door saying that they are looking for personel so I asked the manager if I can apply. She asked me to leave my name and phone number, so I gave my name and phone number to here. After 2 days, that was Sunday, the owner call me in the morning. He asked me if I can work 7am to 3pm monday to friday. Then I said yes right away. Though it's quite soon but it's okey because I will finish soon too and the good thing is, I don't work in the weekend. I was so happy with this job. I started last Jan 27 and so far, everything goes fine. All I did is put the price in all the items. The store where I work is very close to where I live. It only takes 7 mins by car to go there.

Well, this is it. I'm so sorry if I can't visit your blogs. I will try to do blog hopping this weekend.