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Thursday, 5 February 2009


It’s always been my dreams to have a collection of handbags or purse. But because I was still a student on that time, I can’t afford to buy them. My allowance was not enough to buy even just one purse but I was saving the money if I have extra from my allowance in the week. From the money I saved, I was able to buy my first purse. That’s what I did before; I have to save for my wants. My hubby use to buy me handbags and purses as a surprise gift. Some I like but some I don’t because it’s not me who chose it, it’s my hubby and we don’t have the same taste (men don’t have interest in handbags he he he). Now that I have salary, I have to start collecting handbags. And to start my collection, I found a nice roca wear purse. But this time, I show it to my hubby to give him an idea for my valentine’s gift. I hope this will be his gift for me or else, I will be the one to buy it.