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Thursday, 5 February 2009


Before I arrive here in Canada, I check with my hubby if he knew somebody from Asia particularly in the country where I came from. He said that he has a co-worker that married with a Filipina too. I was so happy knowing that I have a Filipina neighbour here. When I arrived here I met with this Filipina and we became friend. But her time is so limited until now because she’s working and she doesn’t have much time to go out with me or even talk in the telephone. I felt so lonely on that time especially that hubby was working and I left here in the house alone. Good thing that I have computer that I considered as my best friend. I started surfing on where I can chat with Asian people. I joined the Asian chat room and I was so happy because I found lots of friends online that I can talk to everytime I’m alone in the house. I found few good friends that we keep on contacting each other until now and I even met some of them in person. I’m so thankful that I found them here online.